4TelecomHelp and Juvo Announce Integrated Platform; IoT Enters TEM Conversation in Mid-Market


On April 4, 4TelecomHelp announced an all-in-one SaaS platform for TEM and WEM called 4-Titan, developed through a partnership with Juvo Technologies. The platform is built for end-to-end telecom and mobility management with a ‘Four Cornerstone’ approach that ties in inventory, contracts, operations, and expenses. 4TelecomHelp has developed and supported a number of standalone platforms over the past decade but will now be able to offer a single, integrated platform to its users. Key takeaway? This comprehensive, centralized approach is well suited to new management categories such as cloud and software licenses, and IoT devices, machinery, and sensors that TEM companies are increasingly being asked to manage. Additionally, the single platform SaaS offering will enable 4TelecomHelp to sell into larger enterprise accounts than the company has typically targeted, as mid-to-large sized companies most often favor an all-in-one managed services approach for telecom and mobility.

In our December 2016 Mid-Market TEM Landscape, Blue Hill noted that 4TelecomHelp primarily targets companies with around $500,000 per month in telecom spend, but has some accounts with as low as $100,000 in monthly spend, and a few larger and Fortune 500 clients as well. Mobile makes up 25-30% of 4TelecomHelp’s business. 4TelecomHelp does not often go head to head against other TEM companies, but will most often compete directly against telecom consulting companies due to its focus on custom engagements and project-based work. With a more comprehensive, single-platform offering through its partnership with Juvo, 4TelecomHelp will be poised to sell to more mid-to-large enterprises, as well as increase its share in mobility.

The 4-Titan platform is aimed at addressing not only current telecom and mobility needs such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) but also future-facing IT management such as for Internet of Things (IoT) connected devices, machinery, and sensors. For TEM vendors to successfully manage new IT categories such as IoT, and cloud and software licenses, they will need to support a platform that brings contracts, invoices, inventory, and usage data together, as 4-Titan is positioned to do. Looking forward, managing and optimizing not only telecom and mobility but also sensors, connected devices and equipment, and cloud and software licenses is where the TEM industry is headed – or at least, in my opinion, where it needs to head.

Also interesting to note is that Juvo and 4TelecomHelp met through TEMIA, the Technology Expense Management Industry Association. A few weeks back, I was in New Orleans at the semi-annual TEMIA meeting along with nearly 40 companies in the TEM and Managed Mobility Services spaces. Part of the conversation at the meeting was centered around how the term Telecom Expense Management is becoming outdated and no longer represents where the industry is headed – or, for some players, where it currently stands. To note this, TEMIA changed its name from Telecom to Technology Expense Management as TEM vendors began supporting a broader range of IT technologies, and companies focused exclusively on mobility began entering the TEM space.

I’m impressed to see a mid-market TEM vendor begin making investments to future-proof its platform for emerging technology categories such as IoT. While large, global TEM vendors are more frequently highlighting their ability to support new IT categories such as cloud and IoT, the trend for TEM vendors to manage additional IT assets and spend is clearly present in the mid-market as well. Based on the conversations I’ve had with TEM vendors and clients through my work with Blue Hill, I’d advise that mid-market TEM vendors begin investing to support new enterprise technologies and IT assets within their platforms in order to remain competitive not only with global TEM vendors but also with smaller, mid-sized, and regional players as well.

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Charlotte O'Donnelly is a Research Analyst at Blue Hill Research supporting written and research topics in mobility, IoT, and technology expense management. She is primarily responsible for surveying the market and reporting on significant trends and developments from market leaders in this space. Charlotte also supports the analysis, writing, and creation of client deliverables, multimedia assets, and internal initiatives. Prior to Blue Hill Research, Charlotte worked in mobile technology and financial services consulting. Charlotte has a background in business, technology, and law, and is passionate about the intersection of these subject areas.
Posted on April 4, 2017 by Charlotte O'Donnelly

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