Agiliance RiskVision Implementation Experiences

As the governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) market has matured, shifts in underlying investment drivers and solution implementation options has placed greater emphasis on the value offered by GRC. First-generation GRC evaluations and investment decisions largely turned on regulatory demands and requirements satisfaction. A broader set of factors tied to the complexity, pace of change, risk-sensitivity, and business impact in enterprise governance, compliance, and risk management have become crucial in solution investment decision-making. Accordingly, assessments of GRC value increasingly scrutinize realizable business benefits as well as cost of ownership. As traced in recent Blue Hill reports such as the How to Avoid the Worst-Case GRC Implementation Benchmark Report and GRC Vendor Implementation Success Strategies Solution Landscape, these changes place greater emphasis on the time, effort, scalability, and cost of implementation as contributors to time to value and total value realized .

As a result of these trends, GRC platform providers will increasingly turn to factors such as expected implementation cost, time, and contributed value margin as product differentiators. Organizations contemplating new GRC investments will, in turn, benefit by expanding the scope of solution evaluation to consider these factors. Doing so effectively will require a corresponding expansion in the models that are used to compare GRC solution providers. Accordingly, this benchmark report explores GRC implementation experiences related to the adoption of the Agiliance RiskVision platform against the general GRC implementation framework identified in prior Blue Hill research.

Agiliance RiskVision Implementation Experiences

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