Anatomy of a Decision

An Anatomy of a Decision profiles how successful organizations make technology decisions. Drawing from extensive interviews with project decision makers stakeholders, Blue Hill traces how an organization proceeds from initial interest to its final solution selection, and post-implementation analysis to showcase how the solution measured up to initial expectations. Blue Hill analysis draws out key themes related to the profiled organizations to provide guidance that connects financial, IT, and line of business perspectives.

A standard Anatomy of a Decision is three to five pages in length and identifies: 

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  • Critical implementation drivers
  • Selection and investment criteria employed
  • Factors used to differentiate solutions and vendors
  • Implementation challenges that arose and how they were addressed Value realized as a result of the investment

A standard Anatomy of a Decision package includes: 

  • A three to five page report
  • Blue Hill research and analyst commentary
  • Perpetual use rights to the report and included data

Benefits include:

  • Detailed profiles of user experience with solution evaluation and selection
  • Insight that bridges the perspectives of financial, IT, and line of business stakeholders


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