Apple INVENTS Wearable Technology of the Highly Sustainable Kind

Apple has introduced its new Apple Watch. It is a highly refined piece of hardware and user interface, even though it is Apple’s first iteration. The new device will be available in 2015 and will be delivered in three distinct editions – the Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the gold-cased Apple Watch Edition. Apple also introduced WatchKit for developers, and we anticipate that developers will move quickly to deliver applications for the new platform.

The consumer wearable technology market is a very disjointed one, and has to date been populated with two distinct types of players: a great many small vendors, each of whom are trying to eke out a minor market niche of some sort for themselves, and larger companies such as Lenovo, Samsung, Motorola and Google that are trying to mass market what we consider to be limited “smartwatches” having no real smarts what so ever and limited utility. The Apple Watch changes this.

Apple has also put in place a well thought out end to end platform for the Apple Watch that we believe will bring a strong sense of order to both the enterprise and consumer wearable tech markets that has been lacking to date. Apple’s own set of initial applications are distinctly consumer in nature (as they are for the iPhone and iPad, but we can expect to quickly see applications emerge from third parties that will distinctly target enterprises in a range of verticals. The first will likely be healthcare and the retail market. The latter will be integrated with Apple Pay, Apple’s newly announced electronic payments capability that will take advantage of the new NFC capabilities of the iPhone 6.


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Posted on September 12, 2014 by Tony Rizzo