Axway Acquires Syncplicity to Further Support Enterprise Collaboration & File Transfer

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On February 22, Axway, an enterprise data integration and engagement software and consulting services provider acquired Syncplicity, an enterprise file share and sync solution provider, in an all cash transaction. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. The combined company will create a single platform that enables applications to reference and transfer digital files stored within cloud-based or on premise content management systems, supporting the seamless exchange and synchronization of digital files.

Syncplicity will serve as a complement to Axway’s existing AMPLIFY platform for data integration, enterprise collaboration, and API lifecycle management. With AMPLIFY, clients can quickly develop and track applications across digital ecosystems, combining real time analytics and key metrics such as user engagement with tools to create API-based services. Axway currently supports 11,000 enterprise clients across 100 countries.

Syncplicity provides storage infrastructure, file sharing, document protection and backup, data migration, and collaboration tools through its solution for mobile and desktop devices. The platform is available on premise, off-premise, or for hybrid cloud environments. Syncplicity competes with Dropbox and Box, but offers a more secure solution by supporting a broader range of storage and Rights Management options. Syncplicity currently has over 25,000 customers, including both enterprise and individual accounts. Prior to the acquisition, Syncplicity was owned by global investment firm, Skyview Capital.

Enterprises are increasingly relying on cloud-based tools for a wide variety of business processes including collaboration, storage, computing, and analytics. As a result, remarked Jean-Marc Lazzari, CEO at Axway, “it’s imperative that file exchanges and synchronization between individuals is a secure and seamless experience.” Combined, Axway and Syncplicity aim to achieve this goal by creating a cloud-based platform capable of supporting high performance networking, file storage, and file transfer, as well as additional enterprise capabilities such as real time analysis, data integration, and user engagement tracking.

Based on Axway’s API framework, customers will be able to link applications and workflows with digital content stored in Syncplicity’s platform. For example, with the combined capabilities, a company can automatically share product documents with prospective buyers in its application, through APIs that locate reference documents stored with Syncplicity.

In April 2014, Blue Hill assessed Syncplicity, at the time owned by EMC, remarking that “although Syncplicity also started as a secure mobile-cloud content solution, it is increasingly being used as the mobile interface to directly connect to other [solutions]. This is an interesting direction that other companies in this space should consider.”

With Axway’s acquisition of Syncplicity, a mobile interface is created that directly connects Axway’s application management platform and API services with Syncplicity’s content storage solution, creating opportunities for additional content-driven workflows.

Syncplicity’s sync and share solutions allow enterprise to drive business value from data stored within applications, databases, or files, whether on premise or in the cloud. The additional capabilities from Axway will allow clients to link applications with referenceable digital files, and create additional workflows driven by API’s and built on stored content in the Syncplicity platform. Blue Hill notes that support for collaboration as well as data integration, API lifecycle management, and real time analytics and user engagement metrics positions Axway and Syncplicity as a single platform for file storage and in-application file transfer.

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Posted on February 28, 2017 by Charlotte O'Donnelly

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