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Blue Hill Benchmark Reports draw from Blue Hill survey research and end-user interviews to identify the full enterprise value of technology investment. These reports address the return on investment of implementations, as they are understood from three critical perspectives: finance, line of business, and technology. These reports are intended to provide deep insight into the recognized value of technology. Blue Hill analysis leverages reported experiences to provide guidance on how organizations can prioritize and facilitate their own investments.

A standard Benchmark Report is three to five pages in length and identifies: 

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  • Key challenges addressed by the technology
  • Average reported value provided by the technology
  • Investment choices that correlate to the greatest value impact
  • Blue Hill analysis connecting financial, information technology, and line of business perspectives related to study result.

A standard Benckmark Report package includes:

  • A three to five page report
  • Blue Hill research and analyst commentary
  • Perpetual use rights to the report and included data

Benefits include:

  • Unbiased, third-party validation of value propositions based on user experience
  • Insight that bridges the perspectives of financial, IT, and line of business stakeholders
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