Blue Hill in the News: Apps That Fight Your Parking Tickets

BloombergBusinessThe average American spends about $232 on legal expenses each year, and many attorneys charge $175 to $550 an hour. Among other things, that means people don’t hire counsel for minor offenses—only about 5 percent of U.S. traffic tickets are contested in court.

“People are essentially priced out of lawyers,” says David Houlihan, an analyst at technology-focused Blue Hill Research. Since last year, more than two dozen iOS and Android apps have popped up to try to price more people back in.

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About David Houlihan, Esq.

David Houlihan researches enterprise risk management, compliance and policy management, and legal technology. He is an experienced advisor in legal and technology fields with a unique understanding of complex information environments and business legal needs.
Posted on December 23, 2015 by David Houlihan, Esq.