Blue Hill in the News: IBM Launches $1Billion Mobility Game Changer: How Will Your Organisation Benefit?

Enterprise Mobility LogoThe culmination of $1 billion in investment, five years of development and around 500 new patents was announced yesterday, in the form of IBM’s z13 Mainframe. The z13 is being touted as one of the most powerful, secure and sophisticated systems ever built. It is set to deliver scale and economics, together with real-time encryption and analytics, to help organisations fulfill the expectations of consumers for speed and safety with trillions of transactions in the growing mobile ecosystem.

… Speaking exclusively to Enterprise Mobility Exchange about the IBM z13 Mainframe, Hyoun Park, Chief Research Officer, Blue Hill Research commented, “The most important aspect of the IBM z13 Mainframe is its ability to process mobile transactions quickly, with encryption and real-time counter-fraud analysis. As both mobile commerce and the internet of things continue to grow on a global scale, companies require appropriate cloud infrastructure with the performance, security, and appropriate cost structure to handle these transactions. The biggest question is simply how IBM plans to win business from existing mobile deployments that have already deployed on other cloud infrastructures. IBM can maximise their opportunities by creating a compelling roadmap for transferring mobile data and transactions off of other public clouds.”

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About Hyoun Park

Hyoun Park is the Chief Research Officer of Blue Hill Research where he oversees day-to-day research operations, delivery and methodology focused on vendor and technology selection. In addition, Park covers analytics and enterprise mobility technologies as a noted advisor, social influencer, and practitioner. Park has been named as a top 10 Big Data, analytics, and mobility influencer including quotes in USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, and a wide variety of industry media sources. Over the past 20 years, Park has been on the cutting edge of web, social, cloud, and mobile technologies in both startup and enterprise roles. Park holds a Masters of Business Administration from Boston University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Women's and Gender Studies from Amherst College.
Posted on January 15, 2015 by Hyoun Park