Blue Hill in the News: Surveys: Law Firm Tech Adoption Sluggish

ADR Toolbox LogoAlthough good business sense should lead law firms toward legal technology innovation and investment, firms are largely static in their adoption of technology, said recent blog posts from Boston-based Blue Hill Research.

The three-part blog series called “Why Do Law Firms Struggle With Strategic IT?” was penned by David Houlihan, principal analyst at Blue Hill Research. Houlihan examines the last several years of the annual purchasing surveys from the International Legal Technology Association and legal tech blog InsideLegal.

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About David Houlihan, Esq.

David Houlihan researches enterprise risk management, compliance and policy management, and legal technology. He is an experienced advisor in legal and technology fields with a unique understanding of complex information environments and business legal needs.
Posted on October 27, 2014 by David Houlihan, Esq.