Blue Hill Research Communications Lifecycle Management Highlights: December 2016

Blue Hill Research Communications Lifecycle Management HighlightsNote: To support questions from enterprise buyers and private investors that are looking at Telecom Expense Management and the greater Communications Lifecycle Management world, Blue Hill is starting a monthly review of the key announcements made in this space for companies in this space including, but not limited to: 4telecomhelp, ACCOUNTabill, Advantix, AMI Strategies, Anatole, Asentinel, Avotus, Calero, Cass Information Systems (NASDAQ: CASS), Cimpl (formerly Etelesolv), Comview, EZwim, GSGTelco, IBM Global Services (NYSE: IBM), ICOMM, MDSL, mindWireless, MOBI, Mobichord, Mobile Solutions Services, MobilSense, MTS (NASDAQ: MTSL), Nebula, NetPlus, Network Control, Tangoe (NASDAQ: TNGO), Telesoft, Valicom, vCom, Visage, and Vodafone Global Enterprise (NASDAQ: VOD)

Communications Lifecycle Management news items that have gotten Blue Hill’s attention in December 2016 include announcements from Asentinel, Cass Information Systems, mindWireless, NetPlus, Tangoe, and Vodafone.


Asentinel Hires Philippe Lignac As Global Head of Sales

On December 21, Asentinel announced that Philippe Lignac has joined the company as global Chief Sales Officer. Prior to joining Asentinel, Lignac served as Global Sales Director at MDSL.

Blue Hill notes that Asentinel has grown strategically in the past few years through appointments of a new Chief Marketing Officer, Mark Ledbetter, as well as through acquisitions of eMOBUS and Anatole. As the global TEM market becomes more competitive, Asentinel is aggressively positioning itself as a market leader by investing in strategic opportunities from a talent and acquisition perspective.

Cass Information Systems

Cass Information Systems Inc (CASS) Breaks into New 52-Week High on December 27 Session

On December 27, shares of Cass Information Systems Inc. broke into a new 52-week high, hitting a peak of $74.83. Shares closed at $74.44, up 1.21% from opening at $74.10. The company now has a market cap of $831.96 million.

In Blue Hill’s November 2016 Communications Lifecycle Management Highlights, we wrote about Cass’ stock hitting a new 52-week high on November 21, closing at $72.21 per share. Cass continues to experience stock growth month over month, demonstrating that investors are confident in Cass’ future earnings. Blue Hill profiled Cass as a key Telecom Expense Management vendor equipped to manage TEM on a global scale in our Global Telecom Expense Management Landscape.


mindWireless Continues to Lead Corporate Wireless Management After Recent Expansion

On December 6, mindWireless announced that it has relocated its headquarters from Houston, Texas to Austin, Texas, undertaking a 40% expansion of the company’s office space. The company cited its motivation in relocating to Austin as a desire to take part in the growing tech community present in the city.

Blue Hill notes that as mobile expense management providers continue to compete heavily on the strength of their software solutions, recruiting from a tech-focused community like Austin is strategic. Relocating to Austin may attract a different talent pool for mindWireless as the company continues to prioritize mobile and to build out its wireless consulting business. The expansion of the company’s office space will allow mindWireless to invest in and grow its service and support teams going forward.


NetPlus Appoints New Senior Mobility Manager for Enterprise Mobility Management

On December 19, NetPlus announced that Michael Cardinal has joined the company as Senior Mobility Sales Manager for NetPlus’ mobile device management and expense management suites. Cardinal brings to the company his 15-year background in wireless and mobile technology, serving in management positions for top wireless carriers in the US.

Blue Hill notes that Cardinal’s experience and carrier perspective will be well suited to continuing to build out NetPlus’ mobile expense management solutions. His existing carrier contacts and past relationships may prove a competitive advantage for NetPlus in broadening its support for major US carriers and negotiating favorable contracts for enterprise clients.


Tangoe Expands Logistics Facility to Serve the Expanding Managed Mobility Services Market

On December 14, Tangoe announced the opening of its newly expanded Logistics Center in Austin, Texas to support forward and reverse logistics for enterprise customers. The new facility will increase Tangoe’s scale to undertake onsite repairs, replenishments, and customizations for enterprises, and will grow Tangoe’s logistics transactions from 10,000 to 50,000 per month. The facility will process a range of mobile devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, IoT devices, and other IT assets.

Blue Hill covered this announcement in greater detail in a recent blog post, in which we remarked that Tangoe’s expanded logistics capabilities will enable the company to further support enterprises seeking Managed Mobility Services (MMS) and Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS) offerings from Tangoe. Support for IoT devices demonstrates Tangoe’s continuing investments in scaling to meet the IT needs of global enterprises.


Vodafone Appoints Brian Humphries as Group Enterprise Director

On December 6, Vodafone announced it has appointed Brian Humphries as Group Enterprise Director. Beginning in February 2017, Humphries will oversee Vodafone Global Enterprises, the Group’s dedicated multinational unit with over 1,700 enterprise customers, as well as Vodafone’s Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud Hosting, and Carrier Services businesses. Enterprise accounted for 28% of Vodafone Group revenue as of September 30, 2016. Humphries is currently serving as the President and Chief Operating Officer, Infrastructure Group at Dell EMC, and has previously worked in senior executive roles at Hewlett-Packard.

Blue Hill notes that Dell EMC and Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) – companies at which Humphries has previously served in executive leadership roles – have recently invested in building out cloud infrastructure and IoT businesses. Blue Hill finds it interesting that Vodafone has picked up expertise from Dell EMC, which Blue Hill has previously described as betting big on cloud computing.

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Charlotte O'Donnelly is a Research Analyst at Blue Hill Research supporting written and research topics in mobility, IoT, and technology expense management. She is primarily responsible for surveying the market and reporting on significant trends and developments from market leaders in this space. Charlotte also supports the analysis, writing, and creation of client deliverables, multimedia assets, and internal initiatives. Prior to Blue Hill Research, Charlotte worked in mobile technology and financial services consulting. Charlotte has a background in business, technology, and law, and is passionate about the intersection of these subject areas.
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