Extending the Mobile Enterprise: Building Effective and Profitable M-Commerce Apps

In 2014, enterprise mobility crossed a key inflection point. Enterprises finally woke up to the fact that mobility is now the key enabling technology force for the general workplace, as well as within enterprise executive ranks – and most importantly, depending on the business an enterprise is in, within the global consumer marketplace. Outpacing e-commerce in 2015, the inflection point of 2014 became pervasive, with the majority of enterprises embracing the need to deliver well-thought-out mobile business strategies and incorporating cross-channel data to optimize the mobile data silo.

As 2016 begins – and as will remain the case for the remainder of the decade – all enterprises now speak of “mobile-extending the business,” by which Blue Hill Research specifically means utilizing mobility not simply as a reactive force, but rather as a proactive force now driven by global strategic and tactical requirements that must embrace pervasive internal and external mobility.

It is safe to say that for 2016 and the rest of this decade, mobility will take center stage for all retail businesses. For retailers, this means that they must already be preparing their mobile strategies for the core 2016 Q4 holiday shopping season, which remains the most important global shopping period. Other significant retail periods are more regionally focused around key holidays, and include top days like China’s Singles day and the US Labor Day weekend, which create significant long weekend opportunities for retailers to target consumers.

Knowing that mobility is now central to all retail strategies is important, but what are the key issues retailers must understand, and what must retailers ensure as they develop their strategies and mobile shopping apps in order to gain true competitive mobile advantages? In this report, we will provide, based on Blue Hill’s mobile retail research, a sketch – or snapshot – of the key things retail teams must consider from two intertwined perspectives: consumer audiences and mobile shopping apps/mobile platforms.

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Tony Rizzo joined Blue Hill Research following a 20 month stint heading up TMC's enterprise mobility and wearable technology coverage. Prior to TMC Tony spent several years within the mobile vendor community. Before his journey into the vendor community Tony spent five years as the Director of Mobile Research for research analyst firm The 451 Group, covering all aspects of enterprise mobility. There he lived through both the early and later stages of both consumer and enterprise mobility and the first stages of the BYOD enterprise mobility consumerization phenomenon following the release of the original iPhone. Tony has served as the Editor in Chief of Mobile Enterprise, Internet World, as the Editorial Director of an Ernst & Young Financial Services Web Advisory project, as the Editor in Chief of NetGuide (the first Internet magazine), as a founding editor and Editor of Network Computing Magazine, and as the founding Technical Editor of Microsoft Systems Journal. Prior to moving into tech journalism, research and analysis, Tony served as the Assistant Director for Information Technology at New York University's School of Continuing and Business Education, delivering extensive computer technology training programs.
Posted on January 15, 2016 by Tony Rizzo