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HadooponomicsLogoThe mission of the Hadooponomics Podcast series is simple: to advance the Big Data conversation beyond its traditional buzz-heavy roots, and to take a look at the real story of what drives the value of Big Data. Throughout the podcast, we will bring you interviews with top practitioners and industry leaders to get their perspective on who and what is shaping the future landscape of data and analytics at scale.

Ultimately, the Hadooponomics podcast will take a counter-narrative approach as we investigate why the first generation of Big Data technologies never quite lived up to its promised hype. In doing so, we will explore new opportunities and capabilities that are being made possible by the coming second generation of Big Data innovations.

We welcome your thoughts and feedback throughout the series. Email host James Haight directly at, or find him on Twitter: @james_haight.


Episode 1: The Internet of Everything or the Internet of Nothing
Episode 2: Location, Fraudsters, and Big Data’s Role in Advertising
Episode 3: The Present and Future State of Big Data Security
Episode 4: The Evolving Role of the Data Scientist
Episode 5: The Game Theory of Open Source Foundations and the Big Data Skills Gap
Episode 6: Data Literacy and Crowdsourcing Society’s Challenges
Episode 7: Big Data’s Evolution and the Future of Work
Episode 8: Gender Equality in Technology and Rethinking the Ethics of Big Data
Episode 9: The Secret to Building an Effective Team of Data Scientists
Episode 10: Using Data for Influence: From Spurious Correlations to Presidential Polling
Episode 11: Debugging the Gender Gap & Finding Big Data Success
Episode 12: Why Data Science Isn’t IT and What’s Beyond Data Visualization
Episode 13: Rethinking Big Data: Using Psychology and AI to Ask Better Questions
Episode 14: Building Big Data, Better: Why Integration, Not Infrastructure, Is Key
Episode 15: Impacting Change with Big Data: What the Panama Papers Can Teach Us
Episode 16: Hacking the Stack: Rethinking Coding, the Scientific Method, and Big Data
Episode 17: Data and Decision Makers: The Human “Resources” for Big Data in HR

Production Partnership: 

The Hadooponomics Podcast is produced in partnership with Arcadia Data.

About Arcadia Data:

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Arcadia Data unifies visual analysis, business intelligence and data discovery; it runs natively on your Hadoop clusters without data extracts. Its easy-to-use browser-based visualizations deliver secure access for hundreds of concurrent users across hundreds of billions of rows in near-real time. 

About James Haight

James Haight is a principal analyst at Blue Hill Research focusing on analytics and emerging enterprise technologies. His primary research includes exploring the business case development and solution assessment for data warehousing, data integration, advanced analytics and business intelligence applications. He also hosts Blue Hill's Emerging Tech Roundup Podcast, which features interviews with industry leaders and CEOs on the forefront of a variety of emerging technologies. Prior to Blue Hill Research, James worked in Radford Consulting's Executive and Board of Director Compensation practice, specializing in the high tech and life sciences industries. Currently he serves on the strategic advisory board of the Bentley Microfinance Group, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to community development through funding and consulting entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area.
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