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  • Blue Hill in the News: A.I. Is Hype! What Can It Really Do in Law? "Over the past few years’ advancements in Artificial Intelligence have taken the world by storm, the impact of which has been compared to the advent of the internet or even the discovery of electricity. The ROSS Intelligence team has been part of this wave, having built the world’s first artificially… Read More
  • Blue Hill Is Hiring Blue Hill is currently hiring for the following positions: - Principal Analyst, Big Data and Analytics - Principal Analyst, Sales Enablement - Research Editor, Enterprise Mobility and Internet of Things Blue Hill Research provides enterprise technology investment decision-making guidance and recommendations addressing the impact on financial, line of business, and… Read More
  • Blue Hill Perspective: Webinar on Securing IT Assets Having secure IT assets should enhance the overall user experience by ensuring security is more effectively and more seamlessly embedded into everyday IT and IT services provisioning activities. But IT assets have a lifecycle, and they need to be protected differently during this lifecycle. Automation of the protection process allows… Read More