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Blue Hill’s Market Alerts provide timely context and analysis into market events that substantially alter the vendor landscape or end-user value. Alerts go beyond simple regurgitation of press releases to provide the long view of how market developments will impact line of business functions, financials success, and technological needs based on Blue Hill’s research databases and ongoing end-user conversations.

A standard Market Alert is three to five pages in length and provides context to market changes identifying: 

Market Alert screen

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  • History and context behind the unique opportunity presented by the market development
  • Exploration of end-user perspectives regarding and consequences resulting from the market development
  • Blue Hill analysis connecting financial, information technology, and line of business perspectives

A standard Market Alert package includes:

  • A three to five page report

Blue Hill research and analyst commentary

  • Perpetual use rights to the report and included data

Benefits include: 

  • Analysis of the opportunities and challenges related to the market development
  • Insight that bridges the perspectives of financial, IT, and line of business stakeholders



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