Press Release: Blue Hill Research Publishes Extensive New Internet of Things (IoT) Research

Business Wire LogoKey Finding: Established Major Firms and Numerous Startups on the Cusp of an Exploding Smart Enterprise IoT Market

Blue Hill Research Entrepreneur in Residence Tony Rizzo has released extensive new Internet of Things (IoT) research, a collection of IoT case studies and reports that have uncovered two key IoT realities: a thriving community of startups utilizing IoT to create new business models, and significant efforts to drive new IoT projects among certain large enterprises.

The research underscores that IoT extends far beyond simply utilizing basic connected devices. Forward-thinking startups and larger businesses are utilizing smart, connected devices and systems of smart, connected devices to build new businesses and creatively extend and transform older platforms into entirely new businesses. PTC and BlackBerry, for example, are undergoing internally disruptive transformations that will lead to new revenue streams and new ways of enhancing the capabilities and services of well-established product suites.

In all cases, the word “smart” is the key to successful IoT projects. Smart combined use of bi-directional and increasingly autonomous communications between products, big data and real time streamed-data analytics, and exciting new IoT application development and data management tools is pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished.

Blue Hill CEO Ralph Rodriguez notes: “The current conventional wisdom in the marketplace surrounding IoT is buzz and hype, with companies waiting in the wings to begin their strategy. Our research across companies both large and small shows this is a failed strategy, as thinking is not an action.”

Rizzo agrees. “Through my discussions with established large vendors like BlackBerry, IBM, PTC, SAP, and Splunk, it is clear that IoT represents something entirely new that will lead to true business transformation. Large companies that have not yet understood this will become laggards, irrespective of size or industry.”

“Small companies, meanwhile, are already doing extraordinary things,” Rizzo adds. “OnFarm initially focused on using IoT to manage self-contained agricultural businesses, but is now helping entire geographical regions manage their limited natural resources – such as water. Devicify has established services to nurture new smart IoT product development that will lead to transformative new business experiences and value.”

Rizzo’s Internet of Things research includes:

OnFarm: Smart, Connected Applications Maximize Agricultural Business Performance
Devicify: State-of-the-Art Internet of Things Business Transformation
LumenData Delivers Real-Time Predictive Analytics through IoT Connectivity
All Traffic Solutions: Smart, Connected Applications Drive IoT Roadside Safety
Splunk: Partnership with PTC ThingWorx Ties Together Big Data and Internet of Things Services
The Other Side of BlackBerry – The Internet of Things
An IoT Commentary: The Internet of Things: What Business am I Really In?

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About Tony Rizzo

Tony Rizzo joined Blue Hill Research following a 20 month stint heading up TMC's enterprise mobility and wearable technology coverage. Prior to TMC Tony spent several years within the mobile vendor community. Before his journey into the vendor community Tony spent five years as the Director of Mobile Research for research analyst firm The 451 Group, covering all aspects of enterprise mobility. There he lived through both the early and later stages of both consumer and enterprise mobility and the first stages of the BYOD enterprise mobility consumerization phenomenon following the release of the original iPhone. Tony has served as the Editor in Chief of Mobile Enterprise, Internet World, as the Editorial Director of an Ernst & Young Financial Services Web Advisory project, as the Editor in Chief of NetGuide (the first Internet magazine), as a founding editor and Editor of Network Computing Magazine, and as the founding Technical Editor of Microsoft Systems Journal. Prior to moving into tech journalism, research and analysis, Tony served as the Assistant Director for Information Technology at New York University's School of Continuing and Business Education, delivering extensive computer technology training programs.
Posted on February 27, 2015 by Tony Rizzo