Pulse Survey™

Pulse Surveys™ condense Blue Hill’s research methodology into agile, lightweight survey tools for rapid deployment and data collection around emerging issues. Generally no more than eight questions in length, Pulse SurveysTM are the fastest way to gain insight into end-us- er trends as well as realized value available from third party research firms. Data collected feeds into Blue Hill private intelligence briefings, strategic advisory recommendations, and Blue Hill Analyst Insights.

A standard Pulse Survey™ package is intended to help customers explore emerging technology concerns and includes: 

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  • Six to eight survey questions developed in collaboration with a Blue Hill analyst
  • Access to all study results
  • Blue Hill analysis of study results highlighting core themes, challenges, and market opportunities

A standard Pulse Survey™ package includes:

  • Six to eight question survey tool
  • Access to all study results
  • Blue Hill study analysis and intelligence

Benefits include: 

  • Third-party research investigating customer experience and perspectives
  • Blue Hill analysis of study outcomes and guidance
  • Insight that bridges financial, IT, and line of business perspectives


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