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With BlackBerry’s future uncertain, Blue Hill is trying to understand what organizations are doing to develop contingency plans for migrating
While solutions that support the practice of law have been available for over twenty years, the legal industry has largely
Principal Analyst Dave Houlihan and Analyst James Haight discuss the importance of aligning major stakeholders in an IT implementation. How
As Dreamforce kicks off this week, San Francisco once again becomes the Mecca for all things cloud. Blue Hill Research
Blue Hill is conducting research on technology Implementation Fundamentals to better understand the factors that cause technology projects to fail
Blue Hill is taking the pulse of self-service analytics. Your answers to no more than five questions will help us
In October 2013, JPMorgan Chase & Co. announced its first quarterly loss since 2004, despite a net revenue of $23.9
In hopes of discovering a competitive advantage, enterprises of all sizes have increased their thirst for business intelligence based on
It has been a little over a month since Computerworld’s Matt Hamblen reported that Gartner announced that “it's 'game over'
Displaying 784 - 792 of 820 search results