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Today IBM announced the acquisition of The Now Factory, a wireless analytics software company based in Dublin Ireland. While outwardly
If you’re like me, then you’ve been quasi-aware of (and perhaps naively unconcerned about) the impending “super-bug” catastrophe. The idea
In January Dell announced “Dell Wyse Project Ophelia,” a USB drive that turns your monitor into a “window to the
At its third annual conference, Evernote announced that it would make a version of its software available on Salesforce’s AppExchange. 
Today Samsung verified reports about its acquisition of Boxee for about $30 million. With the purchase, Samsung will be getting
Relatively speaking, big data and the analytics that we use to try and understand it are still in their infancy.
When Microsoft makes $7 Billion acquisition announcements they tend to have a habit of stealing the spotlight. But if you
The value proposition of analytics and the accompanying business intelligence tools have become abundantly clear. With continuing innovation will come
Displaying 829 - 836 of 836 search results