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IBM Unleashes Insight in Creating the Cognitive Business

Turquoise BrainOn October 6, 2015, IBM announced the creation of IBM Cognitive Business Solutions, which brings over 2,000 IBM consultants and employees together to bring data science, machine learning, and advanced analytics into the workplace.

Blue Hill has documented IBM’s unique and differentiated role in supporting cognitive computing over the past couple of years, through both the parent company of Blue Hill and the viewpoint of acquired companies such as DataHive Consulting. To gain perspective of IBM’s role in building the concept of cognitive business, please take a look at our prior research and insights:

What’s Next for Artificial Intelligence in the Enterprise by James Haight pointed out that “IBM has been the most vocal company about publicizing its cognitive computing prowess. Many of you might remember Watson’s historic Jeopardy! run a few years ago, and the technology has made significant leaps since then.”

LegalTech New York 2015 Expectations (5 of 5): From Analytics to Machine Learning by David Houlihan, Esq. described how “IBM Watson’s cognitive computing system stands to take rote research out of the hands of associates based on its ongoing assessments of relevance and responsiveness to the search inquiry”

The Future of IBM Watson and Cognitive Computing – ‘Emerging Tech Roundup’ Episode 10 by James Haight allowed Blue Hill to interview Stephen Gold, VP of Watson Marketing & Ecosystem for IBM to help us understand the evolution of computing as we are entering a new age of ‘cognitive’ computing.

How Cognitive Computing Will Rethink Analytics by James Haight showed how cognitive computing “is the transition to enabling computers to ‘think’ or ‘reason’ in a way similar to the human mind. IBM has been the most visible innovator in this arena, as they have championed the advent of cognitive computing”

IBM’s TrueNorth Launches the Concept of Bio-Inspired Computing by Blue Hill-acquired DataHive Consulting described the primary research done by IBM and pointed out that “IBM’s approach represents an improvement of multiple orders of magnitude in developing an artificial mind.”

Based on our analysis of IBM Watson, cognitive computing, industry-specific analysis, and IBM’s key partnerships with Apple (covered by Blue Hill in a 5-part blog series), Twitter (covered in a Blue Hill Market Alert), Facebook, The Weather Channel, and Thomson Reuters, Blue Hill believes that this new cognitive business unit is an important step forward not only for IBM’s revenues, but also for fully integrating the capabilities of advanced analytics with the increasing complexities of a global, mobile, and digitized business environment.

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