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Beyond Self-Service: How Machine Learning Drives Enterprise Data’s Third Wave

Enterprises undergoing digital transformations move through three phases of maturity: Commodity Storage, Self-service Everything, and Machine-learning Ubiquity. At each stage, enterprise data technology innovations have served end users seeking to get the most value out of their data.

Many enterprises have reached that second stage—using self-service data technologies to empower end users to access and consume data on their own. But the convenience of self-service data technology is self-limiting: As enterprise data grows, end users’ ability to find it, figure out what to do with it, and gain insight from it gets more difficult. And that’s a complex challenge only exacerbated by static, technology-reinforced, self-service processes.

An emerging third phase responds to that challenge, and helps enterprises move into a dynamic data operations environment characterized by smart workflows, self-optimizing data workflow orchestration, and an enterprise commitment to maximizing data-derived value. In this new world, enterprises leverage machine-learning technologies to craft DataOps models that learn with iteration, and scale with continuous improvement. Coupling that approach with embedded analytics can deliver insight at the point of its greatest potential impact: where data meets decision.

In this report, Blue Hill Research examines how digital transformations have evolved, and looks at how innovative enterprises are using machine-learning-enabled technology like GoodData to accelerate data flow, shorten communication spans, empower line-of-business stakeholders, and deliver greater bottom-line value (while overturning a few old-school business models in the process).

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This Week in DataOps: The Promotional Edition

TWIDO logoSpring has sprung (finally, though only briefly here in Canada), which means it’s webinar and publishing season! And that makes for a busy month in the DataOps world.

Join me and Information Builders VP of Marketing Jake Freivald Thursday, April 27 2017 for our webinar on “DataOps in the Real World: How Innovators are Reinventing Their Business Models with Smarter Data Management.” I’ll be providing an overview of DataOps—what it is, how it works, and why it matters—and presenting an interesting healthcare case example. (So far, only two slides include pictures of my head.) I’m looking forward to an enlightening discussion! Registration details and more information available here.


Silos kill! Well, they at least hinder progress. Keep an eye out for my upcoming DataOps report “No More Silos: How DataOps Technologies Overcome Enterprise Data Isolationism.” (Tentative publication date = Friday, April 28, 2017.) The research looks at how data innovators leverage technologies from vendors like Informatica, Domo, Switchboard Software, Microsoft, Yellowfin, and GoodData to break down organizational, architectural, and process-based enterprise silos.

Here’s what the first page might just look like:

p1 - No More Silos

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