The Agile Solution for Successful Analytics Centers of Excellence

Business leaders rightly believe that an analytics center of excellence (CoE) is a competitive necessity. However, the way in which many organizations build their analytics CoEs is fundamentally flawed. As such, common approaches result in significant investments that unwittingly stunt the impact of analytics initiatives.

A failure to consider the right mix of people, processes, and technologies leads to the creation of analytics CoEs that not only promote inefficient goals but that are also fundamentally misaligned to business objectives. The impact is a costly misuse of resources.

To address these challenges, Blue Hill Research conducted deep primary research with leading consultancies, systems integrators, and multi-national companies to supplement our own experiences and observations. This paper explores the pitfalls and costs of traditional analytics CoEs, and then advances best practices and approaches for successful investments. Further, Blue Hill proposes that successful analytics investments are a function of getting the right talent in place, embracing an agile mindset, and providing your team with the right tools to support agile methodologies.

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The Agile Solution for Successful Analytics Centers of Excellence

About James Haight

James Haight is a principal analyst at Blue Hill Research focusing on analytics and emerging enterprise technologies. His primary research includes exploring the business case development and solution assessment for data warehousing, data integration, advanced analytics and business intelligence applications. He also hosts Blue Hill's Emerging Tech Roundup Podcast, which features interviews with industry leaders and CEOs on the forefront of a variety of emerging technologies. Prior to Blue Hill Research, James worked in Radford Consulting's Executive and Board of Director Compensation practice, specializing in the high tech and life sciences industries. Currently he serves on the strategic advisory board of the Bentley Microfinance Group, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to community development through funding and consulting entrepreneurs in the Greater Boston area.
Posted on December 12, 2016 by James Haight

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