This Week in DataOps: Manifestos, Shocking Steps, and the Rise of Data Governance

This Week in DataOps

Welcome to the first edition of This Week in DataOps! (And before you ask, no, it probably won’t come out every week.) For a reference point, think of “This Week in Baseball,” only the highlights are about data-derived value maximization. (Yes, that’s the hashtag: #dataderivedvaluemaximation. Lot of competition for that trademark, I bet.)

In this roundup: Two DataOps companies step into the light, two upcoming DataOps events take the stage, and a big DataOps buy signals a big DataOps player’s commitment to data governance transparency.

In news from BHR hq city Beantown, two new startups have taken up the mantra of DataOps. Composable Analytics, based across the Charles in Cambridge, grew out of a project at MIT’s Lincoln Laboratory. Cofounders Andy Vidan and Lars Fiedler started Composable back in 2014 with the aim of delivering orchestration, automation, and analytics, all within a DataOps context. Check out Andy’s lucid manifesto “Moving Forward with DataOps.” (I’m a big fan of DataOps manifestos, by the way.) Key takeaway: Real-time data flows, analytics delivered as a service, and composability are essential to DataOps success.

Another Boston-area firm is making news in the DataOps space. (New Cambridge, Massachusetts tourism slogan: Come for the craft beer. Stay for the data workflow management.) DataKitchen is the self-described “DataOps Company,” and delivers an algorithmic platform based on data “kitchens,” where enterprise data consumers create data “recipes” spanning data access, transformation, modeling, and visualization. And cofounders Christopher Berg and Gil Benghiat will be speaking on “Seven Steps to High-velocity Data Analytics with Dataops” at this month’s Strata + Hadoop World event in San Jose. (Apparently some of the steps are “shocking!” More details on that not-at-all-clickbaity preso here.)

Speaking of upcoming events, two feature a DataOps agenda. In June, head to…yep, Cambridge, Massachusetts for the DataOps Summit, a two-day show produced by the nice folks at Composable Analytics. Day one will focus on DataOps business use case and day two examines DataOps technical innovations. Speakers include Tamr CEO Andy Palmer, MIT Lincoln Lab researcher Vijay Gadepally, Unravel Data CTO Bala Venkatrao, IBM UrbanCode Deploy product manager Laurel Dickson-Bull, and chief technologist for PWC’s Global Data & Analytics practice Ritesh Ramesh. (Maybe don’t bring up the Oscars with Ritesh.)

And in late May, head to Phoenix for Data Platforms 2017. This year’s theme is “Engineering the Future with DataOps.” The show is sponsored by O’Reilly, Qubole, Amazon Web Services, and Oracle. Featured speakers include former Obama administration “Geek in Chief” R. David Edelman, Qubole CEO Ashish Thusoo, and Facebook engineering director Ravi Murthy.

And in case you missed it:

  • Informatica acquired UK-based data governance software developer Diaku. The Diaku data governance app snaps nicely into the broader Informatica portfolio. Plus Informatica gets more tech talent and at least some greater foothold in Europe. The purchase signals Informatica’s (and, arguably, the broader data-management software space at large) commitment to DataOps-y principles of orchestration, transparency, and workflow-based collaboration.
  • Tamr just patented its data unification model! As Tamr notes, the concept of data unification may not necessarily be particularly new, but Tamr’s “comprehensive approach for integrating a large number of data sources” coupled with its machine-learning algorithms is uniquely innovative enough to merit patent protection, at least in the judgment of the nice folks at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

That’s it for now. See you next week in DataOps!

About Toph Whitmore

Toph Whitmore is a Blue Hill Research principal analyst covering the Big Data, analytics, marketing automation, and business operations technology spaces. His research interests include technology adoption criteria, data-driven decision-making in the enterprise, customer-journey analytics, and enterprise data-integration models. Before joining Blue Hill Research, Toph spent four years providing management consulting services to Microsoft, delivering strategic project management leadership. More recently, he served as a marketing executive with cloud infrastructure and Big Data software technology firms. A former journalist, Toph's writing has appeared in GigaOM, DevOps Angle, and The Huffington Post, among other media. Toph resides in North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, where he is active in the local tech startup community as an angel investor and corporate advisor.
Posted on March 3, 2017 by Toph Whitmore

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