Blue Hill videos deliver research results and industry commentary in short, dynamic presentations that highlight key research insights. Videos incorporate graphics, interviews, and analyst presentation to summarize research findings and connect the perspectives of financial, information technology, and line of business perspectives. A Blue Hill presentation educates participants to bridge organizational gaps in understanding the enterprise value of technology.

Customers may license existing videos from the Blue Hill library. Packages also offer the ability to work with Blue Hill analyst and production teams to develop tailored content drawing from Blue Hill ACES research, end-user experiences, and market insights to provide context and guidance regarding your solution. Videos are available as standalone content offerings or package add-ons that provide an additional media channel to deliver licensed report content.

A standard Video Package includes: 

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  • Analyst presentation and preparation
  • Five to ten minutes of content
  • Production and development of video
  • Promotion in Blue Hill research community and social media channels

Benefits include:

  • Presentation that engages customers and prospects in the medium of their choice
  • Context and commentary rooted in end-user experience and success
  • Insight that bridges the perspectives of financial, IT, and line of business stakeholders
  • Unbiased, third-party validation of value propositions and user challenges
  • Ability to use video assets in customer campaigns


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