Blue Hill analysts are available to appear in webinars to present Blue Hill research and case studies for use in customer-hosted webinars. Blue Hill analysts provide research context that helps your audience to connect financial, information technology, and line of business perspectives on technology. A Blue Hill presentation educates partici- pants to bridge organizational gaps in understanding the enterprise value of technology.

Analysts will collaborate with you to develop a tailored presentation drawing from Blue Hill ACES research, end-user experiences, and market insights to provide context and guidance regarding your solution.

A standard Webinar package includes:

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  • Analyst preparation and analysis
  • 20 to 30 minutes of analyst “speaking time”
  • License to the Blue Hill slide deck used for presentation
  • Ability to record webinar presentation for use in customer campaigns

Benefits Include:

  • Enhanced context and commentary rooted in end-user experience and success
  • Insight that bridges the perspectives of financial, IT, and line of business stakeholders
  • Unbiased, third-party validation of value propositions and user challenges
  • Ability to use recorded presentations in customer campaigns


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