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When it comes to finding a premium mattress, several options come to mind. Each one has a particular set of advantages that need to be accounted for.

However, two brands continue to be the talk of the town among customers. These brands are none other than DreamCloud and Level Sleep.

These brands stand out because they have the right blend of features making them easier to choose from. Whether it has to do with comfort, affordability, or general durability, these are the mattresses that stand out.

Here is a look at how Level Sleep and DreamCloud compare to each other.

Quick Overview and Key Features Comparison


1. Sink-In Layer

It all starts with the sink-in layer that is designed to hold the body in place rather than feeling like you are resting on the floor.

There is a balancing act for those who want something that is not too firm or soft. This is that middle point as it offers a great way to keep the body safe while resting for long hours.

It will help the body sink in right away and that is going to feel like a nice hug when it is time to rest. Those who are particular about how they rest enjoy this aspect of the mattress.

2. Soft To The Touch

If you take the time to run your hand along the top of a DreamCloud mattress, there is one aspect that you are going to notice about it right away.

This aspect has to do with how soft the top layer is. You are going to enjoy that factor as it will feel good on the body.

The benefits include:

  • Ideal for All Body Types
  • Cozy On The Pressure Points

A person that is going to be resting in the same spot for a while is going to want something like this. The top layer is impressive and soft to the touch right away.

Whether you are sleeping alone or with a partner, being able to rely on something like this is soothing.

3. Coil Layer

There is a coil layer at play with this mattress and that is appealing to those who want to make sure their body is protected and they feel good all the time.

The reason for the coil layer being used has to do with the base being strengthened. Since the mattress uses a comfortable top layer that is soft to the touch, it requires a coil layer to hold things in place.

This is where the hybrid design comes into action with all of its advantages. For those who want to feel comfortable, this does stand out.

4. Ready To Go In 24 Hours

There is nothing more valuable than knowing you are going to have a mattress that is ready to go within 24 hours once it is unpacked.

Other mattresses can take a long time to unroll but that is not going to be an issue here. This is a company that has fine-tuned the setup process.

The benefits include:

  • Fast Installation
  • Effective Out of the Box

Simply take out the mattress and unroll it on the spot where it is going to be set up.

Once the mattress is in place, just let it roll out properly for the next day. It should be ready to go sooner than that.

2. Level Sleep

1. TriSupport Design

It is the TriSupport design that is the main selling point for Level Sleep.

This design looks at combining a set of layers to make sure different pressure points are protected while a person rests. This is done by splitting how the layers are put together.

When the memory foam goes to work, it is protected with multiple additional layers to further nestle the body.

2. Adaptive Foam

There is an adaptive foam that is empowering for those who are looking to get something that works with their body type.

Each sleep is unique and that is where this mattress stands out.

The benefits include:

  • Good for Different Types of People
  • Works Well on the Joints

The adaptive foam can adjust to the body.

It will begin to spread the weight through the mattress once you rest. This is great for those who want to make sure they can toss and turn without feeling uncomfortable.

3. CertiPUR Certified

All of the materials used to put this mattress together are right in line with industry standards.

They are fully certified by CertiPUR making them among the best options in the market for organic materials. If the goal is to go with something eco-friendly and safe to use then these materials are going to make a difference.

Level Sleep takes the time to not only use the best materials but also some of the safest on the open market.

4. Breathable Fabric

The fabric that is used by Level Sleep is supposed to be breathable.

This is done to ensure it does not collect bad odors and continues to work well when it comes to the warmer months of the year.

The benefits include:

  • Cool in the Summers
  • Good for Continuous Use

For those who are worried about bad odors, this is a solution that is supposed to counteract those concerns in all climates.

Mattress Sizes and Weight Options

1. DreamCloud Sizing Options

  • Twin (50 lbs)
  • Twin XL (53 lbs)
  • Full (72 lbs)
  • Queen (85 lbs)
  • King (107 lbs)
  • Cali King (107 lbs)

2. Level Sleep Sizing Options

  • Twin (52 lbs)
  • Twin XL (54 lbs)
  • Full (67 lbs)
  • Queen (76 lbs)
  • King (93 lbs)
  • Cali King (94 lbs)

Mattress Type Comparison: Hybrid vs Premium Foam

1. DreamCloud

  • Hybrid Design

It is the hybrid design that is appealing to a lot of people.

The hybrid design looks to use a comfortable top with a coil layer underneath. This is done on purpose to offer the right balance between firmness and softness while also protecting the structural integrity of the mattress.

When put to the test, this mattress works well for all types of sleepers.

2. Level Sleep

  • Premium Foam Design

This is a memory foam design that is in line with what sleepers want when it comes to soothing their body. It works well by protecting the body and letting it settle into place.

This premium foam design is accompanied by multiple layers that work in unison to protect the body’s pressure points.

Comfort Test: How Level and DreamCloud Perform

DreamCloud’s Comfort Features and Highlights

1. Pressure-Relief Comfort Layer

When it comes to comfort, the most important factor for DreamCloud comes in the form of the pressure-relief comfort layer.

This layer is solely responsible for nestling the body and making sure it does not apply pressure on the joints. Several parts of the body are in direct contact with the mattress at all times. These are uncomfortable and something you will want to avoid.

By being able to rest on a comfort layer, it amplifies the rest of the hybrid design as soon as it is set up.

2. Coil Layer

A fascinating element associated with this mattress has to do with the coil layer.

This is an embedded coil layer that is designed to strengthen how long the mattress lasts. This is done on purpose to make sure the mattress continues to be sturdy even when there is a soft top on top that is easy to rest on.

There is a balancing act that is applied with this mattress and that is what most people enjoy when they put it to the test.

With this coil layer in place, comfort is never in question for DreamCloud. The mattress always works as it is supposed to.

Level Sleep Comfort Features and Highlights

1. Premium Layers

There is a premium set of layers that are designed to work on different aspects of the resting experience.

A good example would be the comfort top that is designed to protect the body’s joints. It then moves onto the performance layer, which then holds onto the integrity of the foam as it is put to the test.

A person that is going to be resting on the mattress for long periods is going to enjoy this benefit. It is one of the main reasons why Level Sleep continues to stand out as a premium brand in the first place.

2. Foam For Additional Comfort

Memory foam is an intriguing conversation starter when it comes to the world of mattresses. This is a well-loved material that has been around for a while but it is being perfected by brands such as Level Sleep.

The brand has taken the time to not only use memory foam as a base layer. It takes things up a few notches by amplifying the root benefits of the memory foam with a separate performance layer. This helps comfort the body as it moves around during the night.

When it comes to comfort, this is where the mattress has been fine-tuned to perfection.

Customer Ratings

DreamCloud Customer Testimonials

1. Comfortable

Customers often start by saying this is one of the most comfortable mattresses they have had the chance to rest on. It is all about how cozy it is to enjoy and why it continues to work well even when a person sleeps for 10-12 hours at a time.

The pressure points are perfectly managed by the hybrid design making it a comfortable option for the average person.

Customers also state once it is ready to go, it is a premium-grade mattress that feels right. This is essential for those who want to ensure they are as cozy as possible.

2. Breathable Design

A key point that has been made about the design comes in the form of breathability.

The fabric that is used to cover the top of the mattress is world-class. This is a breathable fabric that is great for hotter climates where the temperature can start to soar during the warmer months. By being able to set up this mattress, the air will continue to flow through.

Customers state due to how breathable the design is, it also tends to smell good all the time. Odors don’t linger on the mattress and that is perfect for those who want to keep things as clean as possible.

Level Sleep Customer Testimonials

1. Great on the Pressure Points

Based on market research, more and more customers are talking about the impact this mattress has on their pressure points (i.e. knees, hips). Being able to rest on a mattress that softens the pressure goes a long way.

This mattress has a premium set of layers that nestle the body and make sure it does not feel the pressure. This is what makes it one of the better options on the market right now.

Whether a person is resting on their side, back, or stomach, there are pressure points that need to be accounted for.

Level Sleep is proven to do a good job in this regard.

2. Long-Lasting

They are also producing long-lasting mattresses, which is important for those who are looking to go with a one-time investment that will last.

With the forever warranty, they are also backing their mattress for the long haul. This is ideal when it comes to knowing your investment will last and it is going to look the way you want it to. This balance between performance and quality is something that is winning customers over.

There is a joy associated with using this mattress and why it continues to work so well.

Price Comparison

1. DreamCloud Pricing Options

2. Level Sleep Pricing Options

  • Twin – $599
  • Twin XL – $699
  • Full – $899
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1,199
  • Cali King – $1,199
  • *Prices at the time of publication – see current prices at Level Sleep

You Should Pick DreamCloud If You Want…

  • Hybrid Design
  • Coil-Based Layer
  • Soft to the Touch
  • Usable Mattress in 24 Hours
  • Breathable Design

You Should Pick Level Sleep If You Want…

  • Affordable Twin Bed
  • Joint Support
  • Certified Materials Only
  • Durable Build Quality
  • Forever Warranty