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Last Updated on November 13, 2023

Littleton Coin Company has established itself as a prominent name in the world of numismatics. With a rich history that dates back to its inception, Littleton has been a beacon for coin collectors across the nation.

Offering a diverse range of collectible coins, currency, and numismatic supplies, the company has built a reputation for delivering quality and value to its clientele.

  • Background: Founded on the principles of integrity and customer service, Littleton Coin Company has grown from a small family business to one of the leading coin dealers in the United States.
  • Services Offered: From offering rare coins to providing coin grading services, Littleton caters to both novice and seasoned collectors. Their services include:
    • A comprehensive coin catalog that features a wide array of collectors’ items.
    • Personalized coin collecting guides to assist customers in making informed purchases.
    • Specialized coin buying programs that offer numismatic value and investment potential.

Key Highlights

  • Reputable History: Founded in 1945, the Littleton Coin Company has grown from a small family business to a nationally recognized name in numismatics, known for its integrity and customer service.
  • Extensive Product Range: Offering a diverse selection of collectible coins, currency, and numismatic supplies, Littleton is celebrated for its wide-ranging inventory that caters to both novice and experienced collectors.
  • Customer Satisfaction: With a strong emphasis on customer service, Littleton Coin Company has garnered a reputation for high customer satisfaction, reflected in positive reviews and a commitment to quality and value.

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What is Littleton Coin Company?

Founded in 1945 by Maynard Sundman, the Littleton Coin Company began as a small enterprise in the heart of New England. With the core values of courtesy, trust, and quality collectibles, Littleton has grown into a substantial presence in the numismatic community. Here’s what sets Littleton apart:

  • Historical Roots: Post World War II, with an honorable discharge, Sundman returned to New England and launched a business that would become a cornerstone in the coin collecting world.
  • Growth and Expansion: From a modest one-room office, Littleton has expanded to a significant country campus, reflecting its growth and success in the numismatic field.
  • Commitment to Collectors: Littleton Coin is dedicated to making coin collecting accessible and enjoyable, offering:
    • Strict standards for coin and banknote quality, rejecting nearly 50% of all incoming inventory to ensure only the best for collectors.
    • A 45-Day Guarantee of Satisfaction, underscoring their commitment to collector contentment.
  • Customer-Centric Services: Whether through mail, phone, or online, Littleton strives to meet the needs of collectors, from finding rare coins to offering convenient on-approval services.
  • Employee Ownership: As an employee-owned business, Littleton Coin is built by collectors, for collectors, ensuring a deep understanding of the numismatic hobby.
  • Awards and Recognition: The company and its leaders have been recognized with numerous awards, including the Harry J. Forman Dealer of the Year Award and induction into the American Philatelic Society’s Hall of Fame.

Littleton Coin Company stands as a testament to the enduring value of collecting, offering both a gateway to the past and a treasure for the future.

Product Range and Quality

a large pile of gold and silver coins from Littleton Coin Company

The Littleton Coin Company offers an impressive array of coins and currency, catering to a broad spectrum of numismatic enthusiasts and collectors. Here’s a closer look at the diversity and quality of their offerings:

  • US Dollars: As the largest circulating coin, the dollar coin holds a significant place in American currency history. Littleton provides a variety of these coins, each backed by a 45-day money-back guarantee.
  • US Half Dollars: These coins are a tangible piece of America’s early years and are available for purchase, reflecting Littleton’s commitment to offering historical and collectible currency.
  • US Quarters and Dimes: With a lineage dating back to 1796, these coins have evolved from 89-90% silver compositions to clad copper-nickel, showcasing the evolution of American coinage.
  • US Nickels: The collection includes a range of designs such as the Shield, Liberty Head, Buffalo, and Jefferson, offering a glimpse into the artistic history of US coinage.
  • US Cents: These fundamental pieces of currency are a staple for any collector, from the novice to the seasoned numismatist.
  • Gold & Silver Bullion: For those interested in precious metals, Littleton provides options to add silver bars, rounds, and American Eagles to one’s collection.
  • Paper Money: A large selection of US paper money is available, allowing collectors to diversify their collections with historical and modern notes.
  • Other Collectibles: Beyond coins and currency, Littleton also caters to collectors seeking other numismatic-related items.

Each product category is a testament to Littleton’s dedication to quality. With a rigorous selection process that ensures only the finest items are offered, collectors can trust in the numismatic value and authenticity of their purchases. This commitment to excellence is further reinforced by the company’s 45-day money-back guarantee, ensuring customer satisfaction and confidence in every transaction.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

a happy Littleton Coin Company customer

When it comes to customer satisfaction, the Littleton Coin Company has received a mix of reviews, with a general trend towards positive experiences. Here’s a detailed look at what customers are saying:

Positive Aspects

  • Customer Service: Many customers have praised the company’s customer service, highlighting the pleasant nature of the customer service representatives.
  • Timely Delivery: There are reports of timely delivery, ensuring customers receive their purchases without undue delay.
  • Product Satisfaction: Some customers have expressed satisfaction with the range and quality of the products offered by Littleton Coin Company.

Criticisms and Concerns

  • Pricing Issues: A notable number of customers have raised concerns about the pricing of the coins, with some stating that the coins were priced significantly higher than their actual value.
  • Unsolicited Shipments: There are reports of customers receiving coins they did not order, which they found inconvenient and, in some cases, misleading.
  • Return and Shipping Costs: Customers have expressed dissatisfaction with having to pay for the return shipping of unsolicited items, suggesting that the company should cover these costs.
  • Billing and Membership Issues: Some customers have reported being billed for memberships they did not sign up for, such as the “Coin of the Month Club,” leading to frustration and unexpected charges.

Overall Rating

  • The Littleton Coin Company has an overall rating of 4.23 stars out of 5 on Sitejabber, based on 86 reviews, indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases.

While the majority of customers seem satisfied with their experience, the concerns raised by others suggest that there is room for improvement, particularly in the areas of pricing transparency, unsolicited shipments, and billing practices. Prospective customers are advised to conduct thorough research and read reviews before making a purchase to ensure they are making an informed decision.

Detailed Littleton Coin Company Reviews

The Littleton Coin Company has a substantial presence on Trustpilot, with a “Great” rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars from 81 reviews. Here’s a synthesis of the detailed customer feedback:

Positive Feedback

  • Product Quality: Many customers have expressed satisfaction with the quality of the coins received, noting that they were exactly as advertised.
  • Delivery and Packaging: Positive reviews often mention fast shipping and secure, careful packaging of the coins.
  • Customer Service: There are several mentions of good customer service, with customers appreciating the helpfulness of the staff.

Points of Criticism

  • Pricing Concerns: Some reviewers have noted that the prices of the coins can be high compared to the market value.
  • Condition of Coins: A few customers were disappointed with the condition of the coins, receiving some that appeared scratched or in average condition despite being advertised as uncirculated.
  • Unsolicited Shipments: There are reports of customers receiving coins they did not order, which led to inconvenience and unexpected charges.
  • Ordering Process: A customer mentioned difficulties with the online ordering system, finding it less user-friendly compared to other companies.

Mixed Experiences

  • Expectation vs. Reality: One customer was disappointed not to receive a complete collection of National Parks quarters, while another was pleased with the Coin Advent Calendars that met their expectations.
  • Shipping Time: While some reviews highlighted quick delivery, others found the processing and shipping times to be longer than expected.

Overall Impression

The reviews on Trustpilot paint a picture of a company that generally meets customer expectations with its product offerings and customer service, but also one that has areas where it can improve, particularly in terms of pricing transparency and shipping practices.

Customer Service Experience

A cornerstone of the Littleton Coin Company is its customer service, which receives high praise in numerous reviews:

  • Customer Interactions: The company’s representatives are noted for their:
    • Professionalism and knowledge in the field of numismatics.
    • Willingness to assist with inquiries and provide detailed coin buying guides.
  • Support Quality: The customer support team is accessible through multiple channels, ensuring that help is readily available. Customers have reported:
    • Timely and helpful responses to questions.
    • Efficient resolution of any issues that arise during the coin purchase experience.

Website Usability and Online Shopping Experience

The Littleton Coin Company’s website is a critical touchpoint for customers, and it stands out for its user-friendly design:

  • Ease of Navigation: The site’s layout allows for quick access to the digital catalog, making the coin buying process straightforward and enjoyable.
  • Order Placement: The checkout process is designed for convenience, with customers appreciating the:
    • Fast checkout experience.
    • Secure and easy payment integration.
  • Online Resources: Beyond shopping, the website offers educational resources such as:
    • Virtual albums and coin collecting tutorials.
    • A blog with articles on numismatics and collecting tips.

Pricing and Value for Money

When it comes to numismatics, the Littleton Coin Company understands the importance of balancing cost with quality:

  • Market Comparison: Their coin prices are competitive, often aligning closely with the numismatic value of the pieces.
  • Deals and Offers: Littleton provides:
    • Special offers and coin specials that enhance the value for money for collectors.
    • Littleton Coin specials that appeal to both new and experienced coin collectors.

Shipping and Delivery

The fulfillment process at Littleton Coin Company is designed to ensure that your collectible coins arrive safely and promptly:

  • Order Processing: Orders are handled with care, ensuring that each coin is securely packaged.
  • Delivery: Customers report:
    • Timely delivery that meets or exceeds expectations.
    • Packages arriving in excellent condition, safeguarding their numismatic investments.

Littleton Coin Company’s Market Reputation

The reputation of the Littleton Coin Company in the coin collecting community is a testament to its commitment to quality and service:

  • Accreditation and Industry Ratings: Littleton boasts:
    • An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB).
    • Positive recognition in numismatic circles.
  • Expert Opinions: Numismatic experts often regard Littleton as a reputable source for coin collecting, citing:
    • The company’s extensive knowledge and expertise in numismatics.
    • Their contribution to the coin collecting community through educational resources.

Littleton Coin Company Pros and Cons


  • Historical Legacy: With over 75 years in the business, Littleton has a storied history and a wealth of experience in numismatics.
  • Quality Assurance: The company’s strict standards ensure that only the best collectibles make it to the customer, with a significant rejection rate to maintain quality.
  • Customer-Centric Approach: Littleton’s 45-day money-back guarantee and its reputation for excellent customer service show its dedication to customer satisfaction.
  • Diverse Inventory: A broad selection of coins and currency from various eras and regions caters to a wide range of collectors’ interests.
  • Educational Resources: The company provides valuable information and guides, supporting both new and experienced collectors in their hobby.


  • Pricing: Some customers find the prices to be higher than the market average, which could be a barrier for budget-conscious collectors.
  • Unsolicited Shipments: There are instances where customers received items they did not order, leading to potential inconvenience and unwanted charges.
  • Mixed Reviews on Condition: While many report satisfaction with their purchases, a few customers have received coins in a condition that did not meet their expectations.
  • Website Navigation: A handful of customers have faced challenges with the online ordering process, suggesting room for improvement in user experience.

Tips for Deciding if Littleton Coin Company is Right for You

Choosing the right numismatic partner for your coin collecting journey is crucial. Here are some tips to help you decide if Littleton Coin Company is the right fit for your needs:

  • Assess Your Collecting Goals: Determine what you are looking for in your coin collecting. Whether it’s rare coins, a wide selection, or educational resources, ensure that Littleton’s offerings align with your objectives.
  • Compare Pricing: Do some market research to compare the prices of the coins you are interested in. Littleton is known for quality, but make sure the pricing fits your budget and investment goals.
  • Read Customer Reviews: Look at various review sites and numismatic forums to get a sense of other collectors’ experiences with Littleton.
  • Consider the Customer Service: Think about the importance of customer service in your collecting experience. If personalized service and responsive support are high on your list, see how Littleton stacks up.
  • Review the Return Policy: Familiarize yourself with the company’s return policy. Littleton’s 45-day money-back guarantee can be a significant advantage if you’re cautious about online purchases.
  • Check for Membership or Subscription Services: Be aware of any automatic subscription services, like a “Coin of the Month” club, and decide if this is something you would be interested in or if you prefer to make one-time purchases.
  • Evaluate the Educational Value: If you’re new to collecting or looking to expand your knowledge, consider the educational resources and tools that Littleton offers to enhance your numismatic education.
  • Look at the Product Range: Make sure that the company’s inventory matches the types of coins or currency you are most interested in collecting.
  • Understand the Shipping Process: Consider how the company handles shipping and whether the delivery options and times meet your expectations.

By taking these factors into account, you can make a more informed decision about whether Littleton Coin Company is the right choice for your numismatic needs.

Conclusion and Final Thoughts

As we conclude our exploration of the Littleton Coin Company, several key points stand out:

  • Reputation: Littleton’s reputation in the coin collecting community is built on a foundation of quality, service, and numismatic expertise.
  • Customer Experience: The company’s dedication to providing a positive customer service experience is evident in the glowing reviews and high customer satisfaction ratings.
  • Final Recommendation: For both new and seasoned coin collectors, Littleton offers a trustworthy and enriching coin buying experience.

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FAQs Section

In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions about the Littleton Coin Company:

  • What types of coins can I find at Littleton?
    • Littleton offers a wide range of collectible coins, including U.S., world, ancient, and modern issues, catering to diverse numismatic interests.
  • How does Littleton ensure the quality of its coins?
    • Each coin is carefully evaluated for its numismatic value, and the company provides detailed coin grading information to ensure transparency and trust.
  • Can I return a coin if I’m not satisfied?
    • Littleton has a customer-friendly return policy, emphasizing their commitment to customer satisfaction and buying confidence.