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Choosing a world-class mattress is about knowing what your options are and then not settling for anything short of the best.

Two premium mattress companies that continue to stand out would be Saatva and Sleep Number. These are innovative, top-grade brands that have become established names in the industry. Customers state these are companies that care about their requirements.

With that in mind, which direction should you go in when it’s time to choose between these brands? Is there one that stands out more for your needs?

To get a better read on this, it’s time to compare Saatva and Sleep Number to each other. This will ensure you find a fit that works out over the long term.

Here is a breakdown of what Saatva and Sleep Number are all about.

Saatva vs Sleep Number: How their Key Features Compare

Saatva’s Best Features

a front shot of a Saatva mattress

1. 100% Organic Cotton

It all starts with the outer layer of the Saatva mattress. While each series is different, this is a consistent element that helps the mattress provide a comfortable sleeping experience.

The idea behind using organic cotton is to ensure the mattress is not only cozy but eco-friendly at the same time. This makes it a modernized mattress that is going to age well and look the part.

The organic cotton chosen by Saatva is impressive and will feel cool to the touch as soon as you lie down. This is what makes it one of the more impressive mattress brands on the market right now.

2. Innerspring Design

The innerspring design is one of Saatva’s main selling points. The company has spent a lot of time working on its research and development when it comes to modernizing the design while using traditional methods.

This is where the innerspring design starts to shine through as soon as it is implemented.

The benefits include:

  • Built To Last
  • Feels Comfortable All The Time

Having something like this is comforting. It works the way a mattress is expected to and that stability is hard to overcome for those who want something that has a “set it and forget it” feel to it.

A lot of people enjoy having the innerspring design because it works well and offers consistent support.

3. Constant Airflow

It is important to think about airflow when it comes to a mattress. There is no reason to go with something that starts to become stuffy during the warmer months or too cool during the cooler months.

Stability is a must and that is something you are going to find here with this brand.

The airflow is reliable and it works well in all conditions. This means you can let the mattress sit in the room knowing it is going to provide a stable sleeping environment regardless of what is happening around it.

This alone is comforting and something you can lean on as a sleeper.

4. Dual Coil System

The dual coil system is one of the stand-out features associated with Saatva’s mattresses.

This feature focuses on creating a mattress that does not sag and maintain its shape all the time. This means you are not going to have to worry about parts of the mattress giving out as time goes on.

Instead, this will be a consistent, high-grade mattress that is comfortable on your pressure points.

The benefits include:

  • Traditional Sleeping Mechanism
  • Built To Sustain Its Shape

Just having something like this illustrates the attention to detail that goes into this brand’s mattresses.

They care about the finer details and that includes using a premium dual coil setup.

Sleep Number’s Top Features

a sleep number bed with one side slightly elevated

1. Adjustable Beds

It starts with the adjustability of the mattresses. This is important for those who want to do things the right way and get a personalized mattress that can be fine-tuned based on your needs.

Each sleeper is going to have a unique set of requirements for their mattress.

This is normal and that is why Sleep Number takes the time to make adjustable beds. These are adjustable features that will stand out and make it much easier to get what you want as soon as the mattress is on your radar.

If you are picky then this is the type of adjustability that beings to shine through.

2. Extensive Lumbar Support

Most people are going to need lumbar support during the night.

If you are someone that is going to be sleeping for an extended period during the night, the support has to be there for your body.

This is what Sleep Number brings to the bedroom with its high-value lumbar support system.

The benefits include:

  • Ideal for All Types Of Sleepers
  • Continued Comfort

You will feel it as soon as you lie down for the first time.

It is going to feel like you are getting protected throughout the pressure points and the body is being hugged gently.

This is an element that is unique and quite comforting.

3. Temperature Balancing

Temperature control is an underrated feature when it comes to a new mattress. It’s important to go with a mattress that is going to last for a long time and is not going to become warm as soon as you rest on it for more than a few hours.

This will not be a concern here.

The company has taken the time to build innovative sleep technologies that work well when building the mattress and regulating its temperature.

This is done through the use of premium materials and how they are put together.

4. Multiple Zones of Support

It is one thing to have support and another to make sure it is then protected by another zone of support.

In this case, the idea is to have multiple areas on the mattress that are going to hug the body and keep it fully protected during the night.

This happens through the zones activating as the body adjusts on top.

The benefits include:

  • Layers of Comfort
  • Easier To Adjust To

These specific zones are designed to improve a person’s sleeping experience. It is done purposely to ensure each turn works out as planned and it does not feel uncomfortable.

If that is the goal, you are going to enjoy the multiple zones of support right away.

Quality and Construction Comparison

Sleep Number

the sleep number app with a woman sleeping in the background

1. Adjustable Layers

It is the layers that are adjustable when it comes to Sleep Number and how it works.

You are going to notice this will improve the mattress and its build quality. The reason has to do with how the layers settle in and how well they work in protecting the body.

Even if you are someone that sleeps for extended hours, you are not going to notice the performance depreciate as time goes on.

This is due to how adjustable the layers are. This will help strengthen the mattress and how long it lasts.

2. Legit Support

It is the robust support system that adds value to this brand’s mattresses.

You are going to notice this when putting the mattress down. It has a robust, well-built design that lasts when it is set up.

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This includes protecting the edges and making sure the middle of the mattress doesn’t sag.

The benefits include:

  • Built To Last
  • Comfortable Along The Edges

The internal support system has been set up in a way where it will handle all types of pressure throughout the night.

Having constant support goes a long way when it comes to maintaining the mattress and its shape.

3. Constant Temperature Control

One of the details people forget about is temperature control. This includes how the material ages as time go on.

If the material is constantly warm and/or struggling to maintain stability, this begins to impact the other components inside. This is why the top material and anything that interacts with the surrounding environment has to be resilient.

This is not an issue here because the brand takes the time to emphasize its temperature control. You will know the mattress is going to feel the same whether you have been sleeping on it for a few minutes or ten hours.

It is this consistency that wins you over.

4. Flexible Material

You will have to think about the flexibility of the material when it comes to Sleep Number’s mattress.

You will notice this while pressing your hand against the material. It’s pliable and works well when it comes to accepting the touch.

This is ideal for those who move around in bed all the time. You will feel comforted by how flexible the material is and how well it works.

The benefits include:

  • Ideal for Extended Use
  • Easier To Maintain

This goes a long way when you want to do things with a purpose. You will see impressive results and it is going to age gracefully too.


an inside look at Saatva's comfort features

1. Dual Perimeter Edge Support System

A common issue with mattresses in this day and age has to do with the edges.

They tend to lose their shape first and that is when the seams strip away. Due to this, Saatva takes pride in the work it does and makes sure everything lasts along the edges.

This is key when it comes to offering consistent support. You will feel good along the edges and it will maintain its shape.

2. Stretchy Material

The material is stretchy and that does help when it comes to the mattress adjusting to your body. Rigid mattresses tend to rip and/or break down quickly.

This is not a concern here due to how detail-oriented the design process is here.

The benefits include:

  • Good for Extended Use
  • Easier To Manage For Regular Sleepers

The company has spent a lot of time on this and it shows.

The material is not only comfortable to the touch but it’s also flexible. This versatility goes a long way when it comes to keeping your mattress safe.

3. Robust Coil Base

The coil base is one of those details people don’t think about when it comes to how well the mattress lasts.

The coil base is a strong foundation for the mattress and ensures it continues to age well whether one or two people are sleeping on it.

This is what makes it quite useful when it comes to couples that rest on top of the mattress.

4. No Sagging

Sagging is never a good thing and that is not going to be an issue.

You will enjoy how well the mattress holds its shape. This includes maintaining its shape in the spot where you rest.

Some people don’t turn a lot in bed, which means the same pressure points are activated for hours on end. This is why you have to be careful about sagging.

The benefits include:

  • Constant Support For Your Body
  • Ideal Along The Edges

In this case, you won’t have to think about sagging due to the internal support and how robust the top layer is.

It will not bend and/or lose its shape.

Comfortably Comparison

Saatva Comfort Features

1. Increased Airflow

When it comes to Saatva’s mattresses, the one detail people talk about is the increased airflow.

You will notice this when you rest on the bed on a hot summer’s day. Some mattresses begin to warm rapidly and that is not a good feeling at the best of times.

This heat retention is fine when it’s cold but not as appealing when you are dealing with warm conditions. This is why stability is key when it comes to airflow.

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The breathable nature of the fabric does well and it helps promote a more functional sleeping experience. This also helps maintain odors that start to accumulate over time.

2. Traditional Innerspring Design

Let’s focus on the design because that is one of Saatva’s main selling points.

It is laser-focused on going with an innerspring design, which is what a more traditional mattress has. The reason for this is due to perfecting the technology and implementing modern solutions to go along with what has worked in the past.

This is where Saatva stands out.

The benefits include:

  • Soft To The Touch
  • Consistent Weight Across The Mattress

The mattress will immediately become noticeable when you rest on it. The innerspring design is robust, resilient, and works well regardless of your sleeping patterns.

This means you are going to know it will work as soon as it is put to the test.

3. Refined Comfort Coils

The comfort coils are impressive. They help keep the mattress in shape and ensure it lasts for as long as it needs to.

This is soothing to the touch and appealing to those who want something that feels good on all of their body’s pressure points.

4. Breathable Cover

The breathable cover has to be mentioned when it comes to comfort.

The cover feels brand-new due to how well it manages moisture and airflow. This means when you press your hand against it, the texture and overall feel of the mattress don’t change.

The benefits include:

  • Good for All Conditions
  • Easy To Use For Long Periods

There’s stability that comes along with a mattress such as this.

It goes a long way when you want to do things properly and see good results.

Sleep Number Comfort Options

1. Comfort Layers

You will have to account for the layers that come along with a mattress brand such as this one.

It is not just the top layer that plays a role in how comfortable the mattress is. With this brand, you are going to get a multi-layered solution that will help nestle the body on top.

This means you can rest easy knowing the body is fully protected when it is resting on the mattress. It saves you a lot of time when you want to stay comfortable over the short and long run.

It is the layers that allow this to happen.

2. Contouring Support

With 5-7 zones of contouring support, Sleep Number is heralded for the work it does in the industry.

There are layers to this mattress that are built upon understanding how the human body rests on a surface such as this one.

It’s not just about a soft top but also making sure there is support on all of the body’s pressure points. This includes when you turn over during the night.

The benefits include:

  • Easier Sleeping On All Sides
  • Ideal for Heavy Sleepers

It doesn’t matter what a person is doing on top of the mattress, Sleep Number’s contouring support ensures it always feels the way it is supposed to.

3. SleepIQ Tech

This is a unique technology that helps fine-tune how a mattress is built. This includes adjusting to the pressure points of the body and making the mattress as comfortable in those pressure points using premium materials.

Sleep Number is noted for selling expensive mattresses and this is the tech that allows them to stand out.

The finer details of the mattress ensure it lasts for a long time and will withstand all types of sleepers. It provides the same comfortable experience in all situations.

4. Adjustable Firmness

The one thing that is common with what is sold by Sleep Number has to do with the adjustable firmness. It is one of the brand’s main selling points and it stands out as soon as you lie down.

You are going to have the chance to adjust the firmness based on what you require. This helps tailor the mattress to your sleeping patterns rather than settling for something that doesn’t work or isn’t as comfortable.

The benefits include:

  • Customizes The Sleeping Experience
  • Helps Fine-Tune The Mattress For Constant Comfort

Having adjustable firmness is a major plus point when it comes to picky sleepers.

You won’t feel like you’re sleeping on a rock hard floor or a surface that is too pillowy. This happens when you don’t account for how firm a mattress is.

Price Comparison

1. Saatva’s Pricing Options

2. Sleep Number’s Pricing Options

  • Classic Series – $!,049 (Queen)
  • Performance Series – $2,299 (Queen)
  • Innovation Series – $3,199 (Queen)
  • Memory Foam – $3,199 (Queen)

Please note, all of the numbers that have been listed here are starting prices. The price tag tends to go up as you increase the size due to the extra materials.

Take the time to go to their official websites for a more comprehensive look at what the prices are. In general, these are top-tier mattress companies and offer a long list of options to choose from. You are going to find a good fit once you start looking that’s in tune with your budget.

Summary: Final Tips for Picking the Best Mattress for You

You Should Pick Saatva if you want…

  • Individualized Compartments
  • Comfort Across Multiple Positions
  • Comfort for Heavier Sleeping
  • Top-of-the-line Luxury
  • Increased Trial Period

You Should Pick Sleep Number if you want…

  • Increased Adjustability
  • Access to Showroom Models For Testing
  • Good Firmness
  • 100-Day Trial
  • Temperature Balancing