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Last Updated on December 2, 2023

Investing in precious metals has always been a preferred choice for those looking to diversify their investment portfolios. Among the myriad of options available, GoldSilver.com stands out as a prominent player in the realm of precious metals investment. This article delves into comprehensive GoldSilver.com reviews, offering insights into the company’s reliability, customer service, and product quality.

In the world of bullion dealers, reviews play a crucial role. They not only reflect customer satisfaction but also build trust among potential investors.

As we explore the facets of GoldSilver.com, we aim to provide a thorough analysis that assists you in making an informed decision.

Key Highlights

  • Comprehensive Product Range: GoldSilver.com offers a diverse selection of precious metals, including popular and exclusive items, ensuring that investors and collectors can find products that suit their investment goals and preferences.
  • Educational Resources and Customer Support: The platform provides extensive educational materials, spearheaded by Mike Maloney’s series, and is backed by a responsive customer service team, aiding both new and experienced investors in making informed decisions.
  • IRA Investment Opportunities: With a straightforward process for setting up a self-directed IRA, GoldSilver.com enables investors to include gold and silver in their retirement accounts, offering a tax-advantaged way to diversify and protect their long-term investments.

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Overview of GoldSilver.com

GoldSilver.com has established itself as a reputable source for buying gold and silver. Here’s a brief overview:

  • History and Background: Founded by Mike Maloney, a renowned precious metals advisor, GoldSilver.com has been educating and supplying investors with quality gold and silver products since its inception.
  • Services Offered: The company offers a wide range of services including:

GoldSilver.com Customer Service Reviews

When it comes to customer service, GoldSilver.com has received mixed reviews. Here’s what customers have to say:

  • Positive Experiences:
    • Many customers have praised the knowledgeable and helpful customer service team.
    • The responsiveness of the support staff has been highlighted as a strong point.
  • Areas for Improvement:
    • Some reviews point out delays in shipping and communication.
    • A few investors have noted discrepancies in buyback prices.

In comparison with industry standards, GoldSilver.com strives to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction, though there is always room for improvement, especially in the precious metals investment sector where customer trust is paramount.

Product Selection and Availability

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GoldSilver.com boasts a comprehensive selection of precious metals products, catering to a wide range of investment strategies and collector interests.

Here’s what potential investors and collectors can expect:

  • Diverse Range of Bullion: The site offers a variety of gold and silver bullion options, including bars, coins, and rounds. This includes popular items like the American Gold Eagle and Silver Eagle coins, Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and various silver rounds and bars in different sizes, ensuring that investors can find the right fit for their portfolio.
  • Exclusive Collections: For those looking for something unique, GoldSilver.com features exclusive collections such as the “Modern Ancients,” a series of silver rounds that combine historical designs with modern bullion quality.
  • Investment-Grade Metals: All products are investment-grade, with a focus on liquidity and quality. This includes offerings from only the most reputable mints and refineries, ensuring that investors are purchasing metals that will retain their value and be recognized worldwide.
  • Availability: The website lists availability status for each product, providing transparency on what can be immediately shipped or might require a waiting period. This is crucial for investors who need to plan for timely portfolio adjustments or for those who prefer to have physical possession of their metals promptly.
  • Pricing: GoldSilver.com offers competitive pricing, with a price match guarantee to ensure that investors are getting a fair deal based on the current market spot prices. They also display a clear pricing structure for different quantities, offering volume discounts which can be beneficial for larger investments.
  • Out of Stock Items: The site also lists out-of-stock items, which can be helpful for investors to know what’s in high demand or may require them to seek alternatives.
  • Accessibility: With a user-friendly interface, the website allows for easy browsing and comparison of products, ensuring that even those new to precious metals investment can make informed decisions.
  • Secure Purchasing: The platform ensures that buying online is safe and convenient, with a secure checkout process that gives investors confidence in their transactions.

GoldSilver.com provides a robust product selection that can satisfy both the novice and the seasoned investor. With a clear emphasis on quality, variety, and availability, the platform stands as a competitive marketplace for those looking to invest in precious metals.

GoldSilver.com IRA

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Investing in a retirement account doesn’t have to be limited to stocks and bonds. GoldSilver.com offers a unique opportunity to diversify your retirement savings with precious metals like gold and silver.

Here’s how you can incorporate these tangible assets into your retirement planning through GoldSilver.com:

Advantages of Precious Metals in an IRA

Simple Process for Investing

  • Account Setup: Opening an IRA is straightforward with GoldSilver.com. They recommend Equity Trust for a seamless experience, a leader in self-directed IRAs with over $25 billion in assets under custody.
  • Funding Your IRA: You can fund your IRA through annual contributions, transfers, or rollovers from existing retirement plans, following IRS limits.
  • Investing in Metals: Once funded, you can browse GoldSilver.com’s catalog for IRA-eligible gold and silver products, adding your selections to your cart and checking out with your IRA as the destination.

Supported Custodians and Storage

  • GoldSilver.com works with a majority of widely trusted IRA custodians, making it easy to manage your investments.
  • Preferred Provider: Equity Trust, with vault locations in Wilmington, DE, is their preferred provider due to its extensive experience and customer base.
  • Storage: Your investments are stored in secure vault storage, with options available in multiple locations, ensuring the safety and security of your assets.

Common Questions Addressed

By choosing to invest in a GoldSilver.com IRA, you’re not just investing in precious metals; you’re also investing in a legacy that can withstand the test of time and economic fluctuations. With their easy-to-navigate process, robust custodian partnerships, and secure storage options, GoldSilver.com provides a compelling choice for those looking to diversify their retirement portfolios with gold and silver.

Pricing and Value

When investing in precious metals, pricing is a critical factor. GoldSilver.com positions itself competitively within the market:

  • Pricing Comparison:
    • Prices are often in line with market rates, providing value for money.
    • GoldSilver.com offers price matching to ensure customers receive the best deal.
  • Value Proposition:
    • The company provides a transparent pricing model, with no hidden fees.
    • Bulk purchase discounts are available, enhancing the investment in gold and silver.

Website Usability and Experience

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A user-friendly website is essential for online bullion dealers. GoldSilver.com offers:

  • User Experience:
    • A clean and intuitive interface that simplifies the process of precious metals investment.
    • Easy navigation that allows customers to find products and educational resources with ease.
  • Website Layout:
    • The website features a streamlined layout, with a focus on user engagement and conversion.
    • Real-time pricing widgets and investment calculators aid in making informed decisions.

GoldSilver.com Buyback and Storage Programs

GoldSilver.com not only sells precious metals but also offers comprehensive buyback and storage solutions.

  • Buyback Program:
    • The company promises competitive buyback prices for gold and silver.
    • The process is straightforward, with a dedicated team to assist you.
  • Storage Options:
    • Secure storage options are available globally, ensuring the safety of your investments.
    • The storage program includes features like regular audits and insurance.

GoldSilver.com Educational Resources

Education is key when it comes to precious metals investment. GoldSilver.com provides an extensive library of resources.

GoldSilver.com Pros and Cons

When considering GoldSilver.com for your precious metals purchases, it’s important to weigh the advantages and disadvantages. Here’s a concise list of the pros and cons associated with their service:


  • Wide Selection of Products: GoldSilver.com offers a diverse range of gold and silver bullion, coins, and bars, catering to different investment preferences.
    • High-quality bullion investment options
    • Rare and collectible coins for discerning collectors
  • Educational Resources: The company provides extensive educational materials, including Mike Maloney’s video series, which is highly regarded in the precious metals community.
    • Articles and videos for both beginners and advanced investors
    • Market analysis and insights to inform investment decisions
  • Customer Service: Many customers report positive experiences with the knowledgeable and responsive customer service team.
    • Personalized assistance for new investors
    • Support for complex transactions and inquiries
  • Buyback Program: A straightforward and competitive buyback policy enhances the liquidity of your investment.
    • Competitive pricing for selling back metals
    • Simple process for liquidating assets


  • Shipping and Handling: Some customers have experienced delays in shipping or handling of their purchases.
    • Potential for delayed delivery during high-demand periods
    • Reports of slow communication in resolving shipping issues
  • Premium Pricing: While competitive, pricing can include premiums over the spot price, which may affect the overall investment value.
    • Premiums on certain products may be higher than some competitors
    • Price matching may not always cover all products
  • Website Navigation: Although the website is generally user-friendly, some users may find it challenging to locate specific information or products.
    • Occasional difficulties in website navigation reported by users
    • Some information may require deeper searching or direct inquiry

In summary, GoldSilver.com stands out for its product variety, educational content, and customer service. However, potential investors should consider the shipping and premium costs, as well as the ease of use of the website, when making their decision. As with any investment platform, it’s essential to align your choices with your investment goals and personal preferences.

Tips for Deciding if GoldSilver.com is Right for You

Determining whether GoldSilver.com aligns with your investment strategy requires careful consideration. Below are some tips to help you decide if it’s the right platform for your precious metals investment needs:

  • Assess Your Investment Goals:
    • Are you looking to hedge against inflation, diversify your portfolio, or collect rare coins? Ensure that GoldSilver.com’s offerings match your objectives.
    • Consider whether the educational resources provided align with your desire to learn more about precious metals investment.
  • Compare Pricing and Fees:
    • Review GoldSilver.com’s pricing in relation to the current spot price of gold and silver, and compare it with other dealers.
    • Understand the fees associated with buying, selling, and storing precious metals.
  • Evaluate the Buyback Policy:
    • A strong buyback policy is crucial for liquidity. Examine GoldSilver.com’s policy and compare it with other options in the market.
    • Check for competitive buyback prices and the ease of the selling process.
  • Research Customer Experiences:
    • Read through customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the level of service and customer satisfaction.
    • Pay attention to how GoldSilver.com handles complaints and resolves issues.
  • Consider the Storage Solutions:
    • If you’re interested in storing your investments securely, investigate GoldSilver.com’s storage options.
    • Look into the security measures, locations, and costs associated with their storage facilities.
  • Understand the Shipping Process:
    • Shipping precious metals should be secure and insured. Review GoldSilver.com’s shipping policies and procedures.
    • Note any potential shipping delays and how they are communicated and resolved.
  • Explore the Educational Content:
    • Take advantage of the free educational materials offered. They can be a valuable resource in making informed decisions.
    • Determine if the content is updated regularly and provides actionable insights.
  • Check for Customer Support:
    • Ensure that there is a reliable customer support system in place. Being able to get timely assistance is crucial, especially for significant financial transactions.
    • Test the responsiveness of their customer service before committing to any purchases.

By taking the time to thoroughly investigate these aspects, you can make an informed decision about whether GoldSilver.com is the right choice for your precious metals investment journey. Remember, the best investment decision is one that is well-researched and aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance.


In the intricate world of precious metals investment, GoldSilver.com emerges as a significant entity, offering a blend of products, services, and educational resources designed to cater to both the novice and the seasoned investor. Throughout this article, we’ve navigated through various aspects of the company, from its customer service to its educational offerings, painting a picture of what one can expect when choosing to invest with GoldSilver.com.

  • Summary of Reviews: The reviews of GoldSilver.com reveal a company committed to providing quality service and products. While there are areas for improvement, the overall sentiment leans towards a trustworthy and reliable dealer in the precious metals space.
  • Final Thoughts: Whether you’re looking to purchase gold and silver for personal investment, seeking secure storage options, or simply aiming to expand your knowledge on precious metals, GoldSilver.com stands as a robust platform. With competitive pricing, a comprehensive buyback program, and a wealth of educational materials, it holds a position of esteem in the market.

As with any investment, due diligence is paramount. We encourage potential investors to conduct their own research, consider the insights from this article, and reflect on their investment goals before making any decisions. GoldSilver.com offers a substantial foundation for those interested in the tangible security that gold and silver provide in an ever-fluctuating economic landscape.

In conclusion, while no investment avenue is without its challenges, GoldSilver.com appears to be a solid choice for those looking to step into the world of precious metals. With its transparent practices and a strong focus on customer education and satisfaction, it is a platform that merits consideration for your investment journey.

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FAQs Section

A well-informed investor is a confident investor. Here are some frequently asked questions about GoldSilver.com:

  • Customer Satisfaction:
    • “What is GoldSilver.com’s customer satisfaction rate?”
    • Answers should reflect the company’s commitment to quality service and customer care.
  • Shipping and Insurance:
    • “How does GoldSilver.com handle shipping and insurance?”
    • Details on their secure, insured shipping options and policies.
  • Payment Options:
    • “What are the payment options available on GoldSilver.com?”
    • Explanation of various payment methods accepted, including cryptocurrencies.
  • Selling Back to GoldSilver.com:
    • “Can you sell products back to GoldSilver.com?”
    • Guidance on the buyback process and what products are eligible.