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Last Updated on January 11, 2024

When it comes to finding the right office chair, there are several details to think about. This can include versatility, flexibility, and overall build quality.

You will want to compare all potential options to find the right office chair for your situation. Each person is unique and you are going to be spending a long time on the chair.

This is why two options that stand out are X-Chair and Herman Miller office chairs.

This article will take a peek at what each brand has to offer and which option is right for you moving forward.

Features and Model Comparison: What X-Chair and Herman Miller Offer

1. X-Chair Key Features and Benefits

a woman sitting in an X-Chair

  • Flex Mesh Technology

It starts with the flex mesh technology.

This is breathable technology that is designed to ensure the seat doesn’t heat quickly. This keeps the air flowing and far more comfortable when it is time to sit down on an X-Chair for long periods.

  • Variable Recline

X-Chair offers a variable recline feature where it can be adjusted based on how you are sitting. This goes a long way for those who do want to change settings from time to time during the day.

It takes a few seconds to complete and is a breeze for those who don’t like sitting at the same tilt all the time.

  • Tensile Recovery Fabric

The tensile recovery fabric is a powerhouse when it comes to efficiency and overall quality.

It is built to last and does well when it is under duress. This is due to how adaptable the fabric is and how well it responds to a person sitting on it.

This is ideal when it comes to overall performance and feeling good about how the X-Chair performs.

  • Foam Seating

One of the main troublemakers for people, when they are sitting on an office chair, is the padding underneath their bottom.

X-Chair takes the time to focus on this with foam padding underneath. This should provide relief to those who are going to spend a long time at the desk and want to ensure their bottom is not hurting at the end of the day.

This foam is comfortable, breathable, and works well in all types of situations.

  • Adjustable Backrest

The backrest is not going to be rigid with an X-Chair and this is ideal for those who do want adjustability from top to bottom.

All it takes is a simple change for the backrest to move forward or back.

This is simple, efficient, and versatile enough for you to use all the time. This is what makes it a good fit in the office.

2. Herman Miller Key Features & Benefits

an Aeron chair in an office

  • PostureFit Technology

It starts with the PostureFit technology as this is a big part of what stands out about Herman Miller office chairs.

The technology is designed to make sure the chair adapts to the body’s posture. It helps elevate the posture and make sure it is done healthily when a person sits. Instead of having it at an awkward angle, the office chair keeps the back where it needs to be.

  • Quiet Roll Design

The rolling around of an office chair can get bothersome in a quiet office space.

This is a type of chair that has a quiet roll design that is specifically engineered not to make a lot of noise when it is moved around. It will be silent and that is good for quieter office spaces where making a lot of noise is not ideal.

Just set this into place and know the office chair will not be a real noisemaker.

  • Custom Seat Angling

Being able to get the seat to sit the right way is a must and that is something Herman Miller has thought about with its chairs.

The goal with custom seat angling is to focus on the tilt.

Get the chair to tilt at the right angle and keep it there. Everything can be customized about this part of the office chair.

  • Breathable Fabric

The fabric is not only soft to the touch but also breathable at the same time.

This is perfect for those who don’t want the fabric to get stuffy after sitting on the same spot for long hours. The breathable fabric will ensure it is as comfortable as it needs to be even if you are in the same place throughout the day.

Even when hours have passed by, the fabric will remain cool to the touch.

  • Adjustable Arms

The arms are an important part of any modern chair and the same goes for what Herman Miller has to offer.

The arms are fully customizable and adjustable making them easy for all types of people. You can set the arms where you want them to be and they will remain sturdy.

This is good for those who want their arms at a set height all the time.

Comfort and Ergonomics Comparison

1. X-Chair Comfort Options

  • Foam Padding

It is important to focus on one of the most important details associated with any office chair. It is the padding underneath the bottom and that is not going to be an issue here.

X-Chair does a good job with all of its chairs in providing appropriate cushioning underneath. This ensures you can sit on the seat and feel comforted by it.

This is good for those who do deal with pain in the bottom and want to stay safe.

  • Adjustable Backrest

The backrest plays a role in how comfortable the office chair is.

This is an adjustable backrest and that is something that stands out for those who are particular about their posture and back alignment while sitting. If there are any hindrances, it’s easy to use the chair’s settings to move the backrest to where it should be.

This simplicity wins people over when it comes to overall comfort.

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  • Flex Mesh Design

The chair comes with a flex mesh design and that is useful for those who want things to be as breathable as possible.

This is good for warmer days when a hot office chair can make things stuffy. The breathable fabric keeps things comfortable and steady whether it is hot or cold in the office space.

2. Herman Miller Comfort Options

  • Adjustable PostureFit

One of the most important features associated with Herman Miller office chairs starts with the adjustable PostureFit technology.

This technology focuses on optimizing each aspect of a person’s posture when they sit down. This includes how the back aligns and what is best for a person’s body in that situation. If adjustments are necessary, they can be made on the spot.

This keeps things organized and simple for those who are careful about how they sit on an office chair.

  • Tilt Limiter

There is a tilt limiter in place when it comes to making sure the office chair is set at the right angle.

Play around with how tilted the backrest is and make sure it is set at a reasonable height. This goes a long way for those who like sitting at a specific angle for maximum comfort.

  • Adjustable Arms

The arms do play an important role in how comfortable the office chair is.

In this regard, the chair does an exceptional job of making things as adjustable as possible. This includes how you set up the arms and how they look once they are ready to go for your body.

Which Chair Has Massage, Heating, and Cooling Options?

  • Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support

When it comes to massage and temperature features, the one thing that stands out about X-Chair has to do with its Dynamic Variable Lumbar Support technology.

This is designed to focus on all aspects of a person’s back posture and ensure it is in line with what is healthy. This goes a long way for those who don’t want to put a lot of stress on their back and prefer it to be set at a specific angle.

Just sit on the chair and make quick adjustments. Everything is taken care of due to how these chairs are engineered.

  • Therapeutic Heating Technology

Heating is great for those who want to stay warm during the cooler months of the year.

There is a built-in heating technology that you can turn on as soon as you sit on the chair. This is great when you are feeling a bit cold and want things to warm up.

  • Dual Fans

If it is warm inside the room during the summer, you will want a bit of cooling to push through the fabric of the chair.

While it has breathable fabric, it also has dual fans that are set up to keep things as cool as possible. This is ideal for those who are hoping to stay comfortable during the warmer months.

Learn more about X-Chair’s Heating and Massage options at their website

Which Herman Miller Chair is Most Like X-Chair: Aeron vs X-Chair

1. Aeron

  • Adjustable Features

There is enough adjustability with the arms and backrest to make it close to the X-Chair.

This is an office chair that can be adjusted down ot the last detail. This includes how its backrest is positioned or how high the arms are.

Each detail can be focused on and analyzed to make sure you are content with how it works. This is essential when it comes to overall adjustability.

  • Seating Angle

One factor that Aeron does well is the seating angle. You can play around with how much the seat tilts as soon as you sit on it. This goes a long way for those who are particular about how the chair feels underneath them.

While Aeron is a world-class office chair, it doesn’t offer other features including heating, cooling, or massage. This might matter to you and if that is the case you will only like the X-Chair.

Price Comparison: Which Chair is Cheaper?

1. X-Chair Pricing Options

  • Flex Mesh Task Chair – $699.99
  • K-Sport Mgmt Chair – $849.99
  • ATR Mgmt Chair – $949.99
  • Leather Exec Chair – $1,199.99
  • WING Mgmt Chair – $949.99
  • VISION Small Mgmt Chair – $599.99
  • BASIC DVL Task Chair – $499.99
  • PROJECT Task Chair – $399.99
  • *Prices current when posted – see today’s pricing at X-Chair

2. Herman Miller Pricing Options

You Should Pick X-Chair if you want…

  • Heating Technology
  • Dual Fans
  • Robust Build Quality
  • Long List of Options
  • Massage Features

You Pick Herman Miller if you want…

  • Tilt Adjustments
  • Eco-Friendly Designing
  • Multiple Chair Sizes
  • Higher Budget Options
  • Larger Sizing

Learn more and check current Herman Miller prices