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Last Updated on February 8, 2022

Gaming is not like other computer tasks, and the best kinds of gaming chairs are not like normal computer chairs. a chair that is okay for a quick fight on Twitter or Facebook will hardly be any good for an epic match in the Battlefield or a space adventure.

Gaming chairs have to be comfortable for even the most protracted gaming session, and they need to be tough as they will be sat on for more hours than the sofa. Premium gaming chairs can transform your gaming experience, offering you proper comfort and lumbar support that a sofa will simply be unable to match.

We’ve got the chance to test a good number of gaming chairs and two have particularly stood out for us – the Razer Iskur and the Secretlab Titan. While Secretlab is a company that solely specializes in gaming chairs, Razer is a huge brand in the computer peripherals industry, producing everything from headsets and mice to gaming phones and computers. While their expertise is different, the two brands are firmly placed at the top of the range with their gaming chair offerings.

In this post, we’ll go into the details of both gaming chairs to let you know everything you need to know about each, and then offer our verdict on which to choose between the two.

Secretlab vs Razer: Features Comparison

a razor and sceretlab chair next to each other

Packaging and Assembly Comparison

As you would expect from flagship products, the packaging is quite similar in terms of quality. All the parts that the chairs come with are well protected and packaged, which should help prevent damages and shocks during transport. The assembly is also relatively convenient for both, as the parts (the casters, screws, etc.) are all placed in separate boxes.

The assembly process is rather straightforward and fast, especially if you’ve assembled a gaming chair before. It will take you around 30 minutes if you do it on your own. However, there’s a difference in terms of practicality – Secretlab offers you operating and assembly instructions in a separate document while Razer displays them on the box.

Generally speaking, the unpackaging experience is preferred on the latter brand, which we found to come at the expense of practicality. However, both models give a great first impression and show good promise at first glance.

Features and Adjustments

  • 4D Armrests

They can be adjusted on 4 axes – left/right rotation, forward/backward, up/down, as well as inwards/outwards. The adjustments are fairly similar and easy to do thanks to the sliding systems and locking knobs. They are overall more intuitive than similar mid-range and entry-level models.

  • Max tilt

an office chair tilting

The Titan has a maximum tilt of 165-degrees, which is more generous than the Iskur’s 139-degrees. For either case, the relaxed positions matter most, as the reclining positions generally suffer from the lack of a footrest. However, if you have one, and you like to lie in your gaming chair, then Secretlab will be more appropriate.

  • Rocking mechanism

This lets you swing on your gaming chair, as you would with a rocking chair. The mechanism can lock and unlock with a lever integrated for this purpose.

  • Cushions

side by side pictures of the razer and secretlab cushions

In both chairs, the headrest is made from memory foam, so that it can adapt to the shape of your head and neck to ensure personalized support. Lumbar support is usually where these gaming chairs stand out. For instance, Secretlab incorporated int into the backrest, while Razer innovated a cushion design that mimics the curve of the back.

  • Maximum load

The Iskur wins here, at least on paper, with a weight capacity of 299 lbs. (136kg). However, Secretlab Titan can support just as much with its BIFMAA certification making it a draw.


Secretlab has a solid construction and an adjustable height of 175 to 200 cm. The steel frame construction makes sure that users can sit on the chair for prolonged periods, without compromising on comfort with the solid aluminum alloy base and a full-length backrest.

The chair is available in Napa Leather and PU leather options, though our favorite is the SoftWeave fabric. Colors include charcoal, sober black, and light grey, as well as a wonderfully daft OverWatch skin in salmon pink.

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The Razer Iskur has an adjustable seat height from 174 cm to 181 cm. The upholstery is finished in PVC leather, which is a step from the PU leather you would typically get on other gaming chairs. The recline angle is a comfortable 139 degrees.

Comfort Head-to-Head

Most gaming chair manufacturers usually focus on the backrest and the seat pads, with most ignoring the armrests.

However, Secretlab’s Titan comes with a spongy layer on the armrest that feels nice. You can easily get into a comfortable position, even if you are tall. A member of our team who is 6’3” found the Titan quite easy to get comfortable in, partly helped by the premium materials that ensure there’s nothing to annoy you during your gaming session.

The Razer Iskur is rated to hold up to 130 kg in weight, but we found the bucket seats fairly small with firm sides. For this reason, gamers who like to sit cross-legged and larger gamers, in general, might find it a bit cramped for comfort. However, gamers who are of the right size will find the chair extremely comfortable. The lumbar support particularly stands out and deserves praise. But it’s a little on the firmer side, and those who like to sink in their seat a bit into a plush chair might not like this fact.

Look and Feel

  • Razer’s Attention to Detail

a close close up look at Razer's quality

The Razer Iskur has an excellent layout, but the aesthetics, which are perhaps more noticeable, are not, especially on the black-and-green model. Just with a lot of other gaming chairs, the Iskur is generally a large back seat, with a symmetrical design – it expands outwards with little curves around the shoulders. The design also contracts to form a rounded rectangular shape around the head, and a hexagonal pattern on both the backrest and the seat, as well as the two plain black armrests.

There’s no denying that the Iskur is simply going to look great in some gaming centers than others. Some gamers pride themselves on having a low-key gaming setup with plain peripherals, a dark wood grain desk, and a black, boxy, PC chassis. For these, the Razer Iskur with its prominent logo and neon green stitching is a bit a little jarring. While it comes in a plain black option, the “For Gamers, By Gamers” text is still quite prominent, and so is the brand name on the back.

  • Secretlab’s Attention to Detail

a close up look at Secretlab's attention to detail

The Secretlab Titan has the classic racing/bucket seat shape, with curvature on either side of the seat and backrest. It’s also available in countless cosmetic color designs and schemes. For instance, there’s a Titan Stealth option that is all black, aside from some gold branding. This and the all-black color option gives the chair enough camouflage to be used in an office setting, well, almost… if it weren’t for it looking so darn luxurious.

This subtle palette is quite a welcome change from the gaudy “nitros” and “neons” that tend to clad most gaming paraphernalia. Of course, for those who prefer the “gaming aesthetics”, Secretlab offers other color schemes, and these cover the louder territory such as deep blue with white and lighter blue trims or black with bright orange trim.

The form and structure of the Titan are predominantly utilitarian, with all the curves, shapes, and edges performing some ergonomic function. However, this is not a detractor; the utility is seamlessly blended into the design, which results in a chair that doesn’t try too hard to look good.


Some gaming chairs can leave your body grumbling following a long gaming session. But with the Iskur and Titan, this won’t be an issue.

The Titan is quite supportive for your back and neck, and its 165 degrees recline angle means it’s ideal for a quick power nap between sessions. Both of them have multi-adjustable armrests, though the Razer ones are not as flexible as Secretlab’s are. Keep in mind that some larger gamers might want to completely remove the armrests to get comfortable.

As mentioned earlier, Razer is a bit firmer compared to some chairs, through its lumbar supports are superb. If you get twinges in your lower back following a prolonged session, this will help make your gaming session a bit more comfortable. There’s also an included neck cushion for neck support.

Price Comparison

For its first gaming chair offering, Razer seems like it’s largely copying one of the most popular and often-cited favorites. The Iskur is essentially a dead ringer for the similarly priced Secretlab’s Titan. The inspiration is pretty clear – the design, the stitching, the recline mechanism, and those nearly identical 4D armrests. Still, Razer is pitching the Iskur as a step ahead of Secretlab in terms of back and spinal support.

Besides being a distinct hybrid of Secretlab’s Omega and Titan, the biggest difference between the Titan and Iskur is a curvier back and a huge adjustable lumbar support. Indeed, Titan’s internal adjustable lumbar has not gotten rave reviews. That said, many gamers swear by the back support of Secretlab’s chairs, with or without the lumbar support.


These are premium gaming chairs, but if we were shopping for a new gaming chair with our own money, we’d go for the Titan. There are some reasons for that – we found the Titan to be more accommodating for bigger body frames. The Iskur is more of a racing chair and can be a bit unforgiving for big gamers.

The SoftWeave fabric is also a huge plus. It feels just as premium as leather, while also adding a different look to the aesthetics of the chair. It looks stunning, and the looks are well-matched by the exceptional build quality. This makes a huge difference in terms of comfort, and it’s easy on the eyes.

However, the Titan is perhaps a victim of its success. Since it’s so highly rated, the chair is in huge demand. At the time of writing, some versions are available with a 2-week lead time, while some are currently running 6-week lead times. But we believe it’s worth waiting for.

You Should Consider Secretlab if you:

  • Prefer subtle aesthetics
  • Are looking for a heavily tried and tested product
  • Are big or broad-shouldered
  • Prefer fabric chairs
  • Prefer superior back support

You should consider Razer if you:

  • Prefer gaming aesthetics
  • Have a smaller frame
  • Prefer enhanced lumbar support
  • Are looking for a racing chair
  • Mind waiting a few weeks for your chair