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Last Updated on January 20, 2022

If you have ever used an X-Chair in your office, you probably understand why this chair brand is so popular. And not only do you get to choose from several different options and styles, but there is a variety of price levels as well.

For several years now, X-Chair has been a leading force when it comes to creating comfortable workspaces for business owners and employees alike. But this brand isn’t the only one available to you.

While nobody can question the reputation of the X-Chair brand, there are alternative choices you can look at. And these alternatives can be just as great – if not better – when you dig deep enough.

Because the more comfortable you and your staff can be in terms of sitting in front of a desk, the better the odds of performing better.

So, here are some X-Chair office chair alternatives to look out for when you start your search.

1. Herman Miller

a picture of a Herman Miller office chair

The first alternative that jumps to mind is none other than Herman Miller. And what better way to introduce this office chair brand than by looking at the Aeron model? When the first Aeron office chair was launched in 1994, it set a new standard as a model that accommodates all shapes and sizes. Plus, it opened the door for more stylish designs without compromising overall comfort.

The Herman Miller brand can also be accredited for its environmental considerations, which is best seen through examples like the Sayl chair models. They prove that less can be more with a smart and minimalistic design. And the best part is that it captures attention almost instantly – in a good way. Chances are the first impression you will get when you see the Sayl chair models is “refreshing”.

Can the Herman Miller brand compete with corporate models that demand respect? Because for businesses, in general, it is important to project a professional image. And yes, the office design usually speaks directly to the level of professionalism. This is why Herman Miller offers models such as the Eames Executive chairs. Not only do these models offer elegance, luxury, and total comfort, but they offer all the necessary support when sitting for long periods at a time.

So, if there is one X-Chair competitor everyone should take seriously, it is without a doubt the Herman Miller brand. You get a variety of choices, you can bet on the quality, and you know they are going to look good no matter where you put them.

2. Secretlab

a photo of a Secretlab chair

The Secretlab brand is mainly based on a “gaming” design. In other words, this is an alternative that will quickly appeal to gamers, developers, and programmers. But even though these are promoted as gaming chairs, there is no reason why they cannot be used in a typical office setting. Given the modern and stylish design, topped off with several features to make sitting more comfortable than ever, the Secretlab brand deserves a spot on this alternative list.

Keep in mind that gamers are known for spending hours in one seat. Thus, you can be sure that a near-perfect balance between lumber support and comfort is present in the Secretlab chairs. Referred to as the Titan series, there are several sizes and colors to choose from. And they come with a 5-year warranty as proof that quality is part of the fundamental design.

In addition to the Titan series, you can choose between a variety of Neue chairs, which consist of modern mesh chairs specifically for the corporate world. These are fully ergonomic, incredibly comfortable, and will definitely present YOUR brand in a professional light. If there is one thing Secretlab does very well, it is to pay attention to the finer details.

3. Humanscale

a blue Humanscale office chair

Adapting to your natural sitting posture is the basis of all Humanscale office chairs. And through a combination of physics, along with your body weight, just about any chair from this brand should feel like a supportive cloud. You can also expect simplistic and functional designs, which makes the ranges available from Humanscale perfect for ANY general office.

Every model, from the elegant and stylish Summa chair to the functional and stackable Cinto designs, has two things in common, namely functionality and comfort. And while the Cinto range might be misleading at face value, it is the perfect budget choice model when you have to seat a large office. In addition to allowing movement and being compact, it is very comfortable compared to other stackable chairs.

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And for those who really want to embrace the modern age of office chairs, the Ballo stool design from Humanscale could be what you are looking for. From designer Don Chadwick, this is a multipurpose chair with a great focus on “fun”. In fact, many people might consider it something other than a chair the moment they lay their eyes on it. But once you put it to use, you quickly understand the concept behind it.

4. Nightingale

a grey chair from Nightingale

Office chairs do not get more environmentally friendly than this…

The Nightingale brand takes its environmental impact very seriously, and this can be seen in the way they produce their ranges. For example, they have a zero-waste policy and the factories are powered by renewable energy sources. Not to mention, the brand has a reputation that stretches back to 1928, giving it more than just a little credibility in terms of producing quality office chairs.

And what about the chairs? Because when a company goes to so many extremes to ensure sustainability, how does it impact the quality of their product? Well, you are going to be pleasantly surprised if you expect anything less than high quality.

One of the first things that stand out about office chairs from Nightingale is their durability. You might say it is like making a long-term investment that you get to enjoy with every passing year. But it only gets better when you discover the incredible range available to you. From more simplistic and modest designs to luxury and elegance, you are bound to find something you like. In fact, the options list is so big, it has hard to focus on a select few.

5. Steelcase

a grey Steelcase chair

First impressions from the Steelcase style brand office chairs is “productivity”. The designs are primarily focused on bringing the most out of those who use them. With a specific choice of color and innovative design, these office chairs can make the whole environment feel familiar and comfortable.

A good example of this would be the Think range, which is an adjustable office chair that adapts to what your body needs. It literally takes less than a second to get comfortable and focused on what needs to be done. At the same time, it looks modern and inviting. In fact, every office chair range from Steelcase provides something unique and distinct every office can use.

6. Uline Office Chairs

a black Uline chair

When the budget is tight but you still want quality office chairs, the Uline brand is the no-brainer choice. From all the alternative choices for X-Chair mentioned in this post, this is the brand that will most likely do less damage to your wallet. And the best part is that they still come with special features, such as extra comfort and support when sitting.

The largest selection of office chairs is available in the Mesh Chair section, where you can find the most practical and functional options for a general office setting. The color options, the overall design, and the adjustability properties for these will allow you to outfit any office of any nature. Whether you want to present your company as easy-going or highly professional, this range has something for you.

But you also get the more elegant leather and fabric ranges that are perfect for high-end and basic offices. The only difference is that you are likely to pay less than you would if you chose from the above-mentioned brands. Just because Uline is the more affordable choice, it should not be underestimated.

Tips For Picking Your Perfect Office Chair

1. Price And Budget

Few people have the luxury of looking past the price tag when picking the perfect office chair. And for the most part, people have to keep an eye on their budget before making a final decision – which is usually a good starting point. First, establish what you can afford to spend and start narrowing down your choices. Because what is the point of looking at models above your price?

2. Comfort And Support

The foundation of a good office chair is comfort. If you do not feel comfortable in your seat, it will impact your work performance and productivity. And while you might not notice it immediately, long-term use of a bad office chair will start to show at some point. The same can be said about the support, especially for your back. Maintaining a straight back while you work is very important, so make sure your office chair provides it.

3. Design

Yes, there is more to choosing an office chair than your direct experience with it. For example, if you are going to use it in your home office, you want it to tie into the rest of the space. And if you are looking for multiple chairs to outfit an office, you want them to add to your image as a professional. So, the design does play a big part and should be one of your considerations when shopping around. More importantly, you want the design to stay impressive for the next few years.

4. Main Purpose

Yes, it is pretty obvious that you will be using the office chair for sitting. But there are different types of “sitting”. When you sit down for work, you could be in that position for several hours. When you sit down for breakfast, on the other hand, you won’t be sitting too long. So, if you are looking for the perfect office chair, consider how much time you are going to spend on it. Or will it just be used when consulting with peers or clients? Once you know exactly what you’ll be using the chair for, it becomes easier to decide.


Choice is the spice of life, and as you can see from the above-mentioned brands, there is no shortage of alternatives for X-Chair office chairs. And it does not matter what type of design you are looking for, these alternatives will have what you are looking for. To provide a quick recap:

  • Herman Miller: Luxury meets functionality with this brand. And if image is a must, you cannot go wrong with a choice from this range.
  • Secretlab: A leader when it comes to producing the Titan gaming chairs, but the brand also provides more practical mesh office chair options.
  • Humanscale: The closest to “natural” design as you are going to find on this list. These chairs are made to adapt to your posture and movement.
  • Nightingale: Known for their environmental awareness, this brand of office chairs will stand the test of time. But in addition to durability, you get quality, comfort, and stylish designs as well, making it a natural leader in the market.
  • Steelcase: Be as productive as you can possibly be with office chairs from Steelcase. They look great, they provide all the comfort and support you need, and they come in amazing design choices.
  • Uline: Affordability helps the Uline brand to stand out above the rest, and it does so with a great range of comfortable chairs for any situation.

Whatever X-Chair alternative you decide to use, make sure it can provide comfort and necessary support. Your sitting posture has a bigger impact than most people realize, which makes choosing the perfect office chair quite important. Because choosing the wrong chair could actually lead to several problems down the line. But you can avoid this by getting the right chair the first time – from the most trusted brands on the market.