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Last Updated on June 1, 2022

Finding the right office chair can mean the difference between dealing with back pain, or making it through your day pain free.

Two of the best office chairs we’ve tried are X-Chair and Steelcase.

Both of these companies offer a nice line of chairs to choose from, with a variety of options to add to your experience, but which one will work best for you?

We’ve put X-Chair and Steelcase to the test, to help you decide which of these office chairs will be your best fit.

Steelcase vs X-Chair: Best Features Comparison

X-Chair Key Features Overview

x-chair special edition anniversary chair in red and black

X-Chair started in 2015 by introducing ergonomic design and advanced technology into office chair comfort. Their primary objective was to combine a unique ergonomic chair style with the best standard of office productivity that molds to the specific shape of the user’s body.

The company is based in New York and has developed into a sitting juggernaut of a range of ergonomic office chair products. They enable users to make 10 ergonomic adjustments, such as depth, height, headrest, backrest, and 4-dimensional armrests. They consist of a basic model, an X2, X3, and X4, where each upgrade goes up a level with regards to customization and comfort.

The biggest advantage of X-chair’s design is that it doesn’t require adjusting to obtain ergonomic success. X-Chair introduced a dynamic variable lumbar support (DVL) that adjusts itself whenever you take a seat. That means you won’t lose that ergonomic health advantage. Thanks to their Scifloat Infinite Recline feature, you could also adjust your seat to the ideal position. The Scifloat Infinite Recline and the DVL support are some of the top features that X-Chairs offer in all of their office chairs.

Since the X-Chair ergonomic office chair enables you to maintain motion during your workday, you won’t restrict your blood flow or circulation. It doesn’t also let you slouch over your work as most of us do. You may quickly adjust from a relaxed, laid-back position, to an active forward-leaning position with minimal effort.

The ergonomic X-Chair goal is to allow a healthier worker during the prolonged days of sitting at the desk.

Steelcase Key Features Overview

steelcase office chair in a magenta color

Steelcase is one of the leading office furniture manufacturers worldwide. Founded in 1912, this company has been supplying office furniture and various accessories internationally for over a century. Do you want a high-end, new office chair? Steelcase is worth considering.

Steelcase Office chair could be considered as one the best ergonomic office chair designs that offer users advanced adjustment options to allow them ultimate comfort. It comprises a robust and stylish construction that provides users with an improved experience of convenience and comfort.

The backrest offers lumbar support that allows users to maintain a good posture. You can also adjust its tilt much more easily. The user can also move the Steelcase seat forward or backward which enables them to find the most comfortable position. You can also quickly raise or lower the armrests.

It’s more helpful when you can switch between working on handheld devices and a computer. The user can also adjust the Steelcase office chair’s height through the control knobs.

The chair’s smooth lift is obtained via the pneumatic lift mechanism. With the height adjustments and variable seats provided, this product is undoubtedly one of the best office chairs.

Comfort Head-to-Head

X-Chair’s Comfort Options

x-chair lumbar support with elemax

The X-Chair is typically available with every ergonomic feature you might ever need in a home office chair such as fully adjustable (4D) armrests, adjustable seat height and depth, and an adjustable backrest height.

It also comes with a tension-controlled recline mechanism known as Sci-Float Infinite Recline which enables you to maintain motion all day.

Besides, X-Chair’s most important aspect is the proprietary DVL Support. It adjusts itself to the specific user’s shape to deliver great lumbar support from when they hit the seat.

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Surprisingly, X-chair comprises the ELEMAX feature. It’s a Cooling, Heat & Massage Unit that fits into this chair’s Dynamic Variable Lumbar TM Support.

This novel technology offers full-body temperature control to optimize your seated comfort.

ELEMAX is usually powered with fast-warming technology and dual fans that are always targeted at the body’s core. Heating or Cooling can be combined with the dynamic massage functionality of ELEMAX that exerts a variable or constant massage cycle with two massage intensity levels (powerful or gentle) for a total of four massage program combinations.

Furthermore, ELEMAX is uniquely designed to work with the user in any given scenario. No matter if you’re working at the office or home, watching TV, or gaming late nights. ELEMAX is truly the apex of technology and comfort to support your lifestyle.

Steelcase’s Comfort Options

a close up picture of steelcase's lumbar support

Steelcase offers a great deal of information, on its website, about what constitutes a quality office chair. Basically, it needs to flex with you — assisting to change postures when you sit; fit your back’s natural contour; while also letting your arms remain straight on your work desk and your eyes level with the screen when you recline.

But with office chairs, it’s worth noting that they must be easier on the user’s back than on their eyes. Fortunately, Steelcase office chairs marry function to that attractive form.

Once you sit on the Steelcase chair, you will realize that the seat has the perfect balance of firmness and cushiness. The mesh chair’s aesthetic is also pretty simple, with clean lines.

The best part is that its thick, plastic lumbar adjustment doesn’t feel stiff.

The backrest, which consists of what Steelcase calls “Integrated LiveBack Technology,” truly outperforms the cushioned backrests since it moves with the user as they work and shift positions.

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As you might already know, seat and backrest comfort are negligible if that chair doesn’t enable the user to customize it to fit their specific body. And this is where the Steelcase chair shines.

Almost every aspect of the Steelcase chair can be adjusted. As an added advantage, it’s relatively easier to make every adjustment with little guidance.

Although some adjustable models require guides, diagrams, and videos for proper setup, the Steelcase chair usually moves and intuitively conforms with your body.

Tips for Deciding Whether X-Chair or Steelcase Will be Better for You

If you have been looking for the perfect office chair, you must find something that provides you with the level of comfort and support that you need to remain productive.


It generally blends durability and style, as well as some of the most advanced and unique technological innovations in the entire office furniture market. X-chair offers numerous benefits, such as:

  • Incredible Lumbar Support
  • The SciFloat Infinite Recline Feature Improves Productivity
  • You Can Customize Your Position
  • Headrest Adjustments
  • Improved Arm Support
  • And More Great Features, e.g., ELEMAX


It’s a high-quality and great ergonomic chair that offers many advantages to its users.

  • It allows several adjustment options whereby the users may customize their experience based on their preferences. Thanks to the pneumatic lift offered by the side knobs, you can easily adjust the height of the Steelcase chair. Its backrest has lumbar support, making it the perfect chair for those with lower back pain. You can also adjust and lock the tilt on the backrest to a preferred location.
  • You can raise or lower the armrests of a Steelcase office chair to enable a perfect resting place for your arms regardless of the kind of work you’re doing.
  • You can also move the seat in the front-back direction to provide the users with the most comfortable sitting position.
  • The ergonomic chair consists of lockout casters that make it relatively easy to move.
  • Steelcase chair comes in a wide range of materials and colors offering users a variety of options to pick from.

Price Comparison

The price range of the office chairs in the X-Chair line of products generally ranges from as little as $299.99 (the most basic) to $1,914.99 (the most luxurious).

For the Steelcase Chairs, you might invest anywhere around $500 to $1500 (or more).

Summary: Is There a Clear Winner?

These are just numerous features that make X-Chair an excellent option for your home office requirements. With a blend of best-quality materials, outstanding ergonomic features, and an appealing 15-year warranty, you can see why this office chair is a smart investment. Apart from its ergonomic features, you can also customize your office chair thanks to a variety of fabric colors and options.

It enables you to create the ideal aesthetic that matches your unique style.

The X-Chair is consists of fabrics that are made to reinforce support, improve circulation, and allow breathability for maximum airflow. Additionally, the Flex Mesh Technology comprises a durable mesh fabric that’s entirely breathable to help you stay cool.

On the other hand, Steelcase Office Chair is a high-end office ergonomic chair. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing and attractive, they offer a wide range of compelling features that allow great flexibility and versatility to the users.

Undoubtedly, Steelcase office chairs are durable and strong. The pneumatic lift option enables smooth height adjustments based on user preferences. You can also adjust the backrest tilt and armrests accordingly. Its backrest consists of lumbar support which, while static, assists users to maintain a healthy posture.

And this feature is particularly useful for people with back pain. You can find varying models of Steelcase chairs, each with a different height to match the requirements of different people.

The only disadvantage of this product is its pretty expensive cost. However, when weighed with the flexibility, durability, and advantages of a Steelcase chair, the cost amounts to a lesser value. It’s a comfortable, durable, and ergonomic chair which is an ideal option for those who can afford it.

With X-chair’s range of incredible features, style, and durability, it’s safe to say that the X-chair is the BEST choice for your home office. Because of its numerous adjustable features, you can get a chair that offers your body the support it requires to help you stay on task.

The ELEMAX feature is also a HUGE plus for the X-chair, which pushes it to the top of our list:


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