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Last Updated on November 7, 2023

Investing in precious metals has been a cornerstone of wealth preservation for centuries. Amidst the fluctuating economic landscapes, Blanchard Gold stands out as a beacon of reliability for investors looking to diversify their portfolios with tangible assets.

In this comprehensive Blanchard Gold review, we delve into the storied history, extensive product offerings, and the customer-centric services that have shaped Blanchard Gold’s esteemed reputation.

Key Highlights

  • Trusted Legacy: Blanchard Gold has a storied history beginning with Jim Blanchard’s successful campaign to re-legalize private gold ownership in the U.S., establishing the company as a pioneer in the precious metals industry.
  • Comprehensive Offerings: With a wide range of products including gold, silver, palladium, and platinum, as well as rare coins and investment services, Blanchard Gold caters to both investors and collectors, ensuring quality and authenticity.
  • Investor Support: Beyond sales, Blanchard Gold is dedicated to investor education and support, offering real-time spot price charts, a streamlined purchasing process, and specialized services for incorporating precious metals into retirement planning.

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History of Blanchard Gold

The legacy of Blanchard Gold is not just built on precious metals but also on a foundation of advocacy and passion for economic freedom.

The company’s history is a testament to the vision of its founder and the resilience of an institution that has weathered the ebbs and flows of the financial markets.

The Visionary Founder: Jim Blanchard

  • Crusade for Gold: Jim Blanchard’s journey began with a personal crusade for economic liberty. After President Roosevelt’s confiscation of private gold holdings in 1933, owning gold was illegal for Americans. Blanchard saw this as an infringement on economic freedom and spearheaded a movement that culminated in the legalization of gold ownership in 1974.
  • Blanchard and Company, Inc.: In the wake of this victory, Jim Blanchard founded Blanchard and Company, Inc., with the mission to provide ordinary Americans access to gold investments, thus offering an alternative to the traditional financial systems and a hedge against inflation.

Growth and Leadership

  • Expansion Under Donald Doyle: In 1988, Donald Doyle took the reins, and under his stewardship, Blanchard Gold expanded its reach and solidified its reputation. Doyle’s leadership was characterized by an expansion of services, educational initiatives, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
  • Clientele Growth: The company’s clientele grew exponentially, a reflection of the trust investors placed in Blanchard Gold’s expertise and integrity. Today, Blanchard Gold serves over 450,000 clients, a number that continues to grow as more investors seek the safety and stability of precious metals.

A Legacy of Advocacy and Innovation

  • Advocacy for Investors: Blanchard Gold’s history is also marked by its advocacy for investor education and rights. The company has been a vocal proponent of informed investing, transparency in pricing, and the right to own and trade precious metals freely.
  • Innovation in Investment: Embracing innovation, Blanchard Gold has continually adapted to the evolving financial landscape, integrating technology with tradition, as evidenced by their acceptance of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin for transactions.

The history of Blanchard Gold is a rich tapestry that interweaves the pursuit of economic freedom with the provision of investment opportunities in precious metals.

From Jim Blanchard’s revolutionary efforts to the company’s current status as a trusted dealer, Blanchard Gold has remained steadfast in its mission to empower individuals through the ownership of gold and other precious metals.

As we look back on the company’s journey, it is clear that Blanchard Gold’s legacy is one of resilience, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to its clients’ financial well-being.

Blanchard Gold Products & Services

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Blanchard Gold’s catalog is a treasure trove for investors and collectors alike. With a focus on variety and quality, their offerings cater to a range of investment goals and preferences.

Gold Coins

Gold Bullion Bars

  • The allure of gold bullion bars lies in their substantial weight options, up to one kilo, encased in display-worthy packaging for both aesthetic appeal and protection.

Investment Gold

  • Investment-grade gold, such as the $20 Liberty VF, AU, and XF coins, provides a blend of historical allure and investment potential.

Mint State Gold

  • Mint-state gold coins from U.S. mints carry a face value and are priced based on their condition and rarity, making them a coveted item for collectors.

Silver Offerings

  • Certified silver bullion coins and circulated silver coins like the American Silver Morgan Dollar and American Silver Peace Dollar coins.
  • Silver bars are available in various sizes, appealing to both novice and seasoned investors.

Blanchard Gold’s commitment to providing a comprehensive suite of precious metals products and services has solidified its position as a trusted leader in the industry. Whether for investment or collection, their offerings meet the needs of a diverse clientele, ensuring that every investor can find value in the world of precious metals.

Palladium and Platinum Investments

In the realm of precious metals, palladium and platinum stand out for their rarity and industrial demand. Blanchard Gold recognizes the importance of these metals in a well-rounded investment portfolio.

  • Platinum Options: Investors can find one-ounce Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf coins, a staple in platinum investment.
  • Palladium Choices: Blanchard Gold also offers one-ounce palladium bars, catering to those looking to diversify beyond the traditional gold and silver options.

Rare Coins Collection

For the numismatist and investor, the rare coins collection at Blanchard Gold is particularly enticing. These coins are not just currency but pieces of history, each with a story to tell.

  • Diverse Selection: The collection includes ancient to modern commemorative coins, with face values up to $4.
  • Investment Appeal: Rare coins often carry numismatic value that can appreciate over time, making them a potentially lucrative investment.

Storage and Security

The security of one’s investment is paramount, and Blanchard Gold offers various options to ensure the safekeeping of purchased precious metals.

  • Home Storage: For those who prefer personal custody of their assets, Blanchard Gold provides guidance on how to securely store items at home.
  • Depository Options: For added security, investors can opt for safe deposit boxes or utilize storage facilities that offer advanced protection against theft or damage.

Blanchard Gold’s comprehensive approach to investment in palladium, platinum, and rare coins, along with their secure storage solutions, demonstrates their dedication to meeting the nuanced needs of their clients.

Whether one is looking to invest in these precious metals for their rarity, industrial applications, or historical significance, Blanchard Gold provides the resources and expertise to make informed decisions.

Purchasing Process

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Navigating the acquisition of precious metals can be daunting for many investors. Blanchard Gold has refined its purchasing process to ensure that it is not only secure but also customer-friendly, accommodating the needs of both seasoned investors and those new to the world of precious metals.

User-Friendly Online Experience

  • Intuitive Website Navigation: Blanchard Gold’s website is designed for ease of use, allowing customers to browse through an extensive catalog of precious metals products with ease.
  • Detailed Product Information: Each listing provides detailed descriptions, high-resolution images, and historical significance, where applicable, to aid in the decision-making process.

Flexible Payment Options

  • Credit Card Purchases: For quick and convenient transactions, Blanchard Gold accepts credit card payments for purchases up to a specified limit.
  • Alternative Payment Methods: Recognizing the diverse preferences of their clientele, the company also accepts checks, bank wire transfers, and BitPay for larger transactions.

Embracing Digital Currency

  • Bitcoin Transactions: In keeping with technological advancements, Blanchard Gold has adapted to accept Bitcoin, offering a modern payment solution for digital currency enthusiasts.

Personalized Customer Service

  • Investment Consultations: Blanchard Gold provides personalized consultations to assist clients in selecting the right products to meet their investment goals.
  • Secure Checkout Process: The checkout process is fortified with the latest security measures to protect personal and financial information.

After-Sale Support

  • Order Tracking: Once a purchase is made, customers can track their orders through a secure system, ensuring peace of mind from purchase to delivery.
  • Customer Care: Post-purchase, Blanchard Gold’s customer service team is available to address any concerns or questions, ensuring complete satisfaction with the investment experience.

Blanchard Gold’s purchasing process is a reflection of the company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and security. By offering a range of payment options, including the acceptance of Bitcoin, and providing a secure and informative online shopping experience, Blanchard Gold ensures that the process of investing in precious metals is accessible, straightforward, and tailored to the modern investor’s needs.

Selling Process

For investors looking to liquidate their precious metal assets, Blanchard Gold offers a streamlined and transparent selling process. This service is designed to be as meticulous and customer-focused as their purchasing system, ensuring that clients who wish to sell their metals can do so with confidence and ease.

Comprehensive Valuation

  • Free Appraisal: Blanchard Gold provides a complimentary valuation service, giving clients a clear understanding of their item’s worth in the current market.
  • Expert Assessment: The appraisal is conducted by seasoned experts who evaluate the items based on purity, weight, market demand, and numismatic value, where applicable.

Simple and Secure Selling Steps

  • Initial Consultation: Sellers begin by consulting with a Blanchard Gold representative to discuss the items they wish to sell and the process involved.
  • Shipping and Insurance: Blanchard Gold advises on how to securely ship the items, often providing insurance coverage for the shipment to ensure the seller’s peace of mind.

Transparent Buyback Policy

  • Clear Buyback Terms: The company’s buyback terms are clearly stated, ensuring that sellers are aware of the conditions and prices before proceeding with the transaction.
  • Prompt Payment: Upon agreement and receipt of the items, Blanchard Gold processes payments promptly, respecting the seller’s time and financial plans.

Customer-Centric Approach

  • Personalized Service: Each client is treated with individual attention, ensuring that the selling experience is tailored to their specific needs.
  • Market Expertise: Sellers benefit from Blanchard Gold’s market expertise, receiving insights into the best times to sell and market trends that may affect the value of their assets.

Blanchard Gold’s selling process is built on the pillars of trust, transparency, and customer service. By providing free valuations, secure shipping, and prompt payments, the company upholds its reputation as a reliable partner for both buying and selling precious metals. This commitment to excellence ensures that clients can manage their investments with confidence, knowing that they have the support of a trusted industry leader.

Investing in Precious Metals for an IRA

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Precious metals IRAs have become a popular way to diversify retirement portfolios. Blanchard Gold provides comprehensive services to incorporate precious metals into your retirement planning.

  • IRA Eligible Metals: Gold, platinum, palladium, and silver that meet purity standards are eligible for inclusion in an IRA.
  • Setting Up an IRA: Blanchard Gold assists clients in establishing a new IRA through Gold Star Trust Company, simplifying the process of adding precious metals to their retirement savings.
  • Transferring Funds: The company also facilitates the transfer of funds from an existing IRA to a new one, allowing for seamless integration of precious metals into one’s retirement strategy.

Through a straightforward purchasing and selling process, along with specialized services for incorporating precious metals into an IRA, Blanchard Gold ensures that clients have the necessary tools and support to enhance their investment portfolios and secure their financial future.

Spot Price Charts and Investment Analysis

Understanding the spot price of precious metals is crucial for investors. Blanchard Gold provides up-to-date spot price charts that serve as a valuable tool for both novice and experienced investors.

  • Real-Time Data: Spot price charts on Blanchard Gold’s website offer real-time data on gold, silver, palladium, and platinum prices.
  • Historical Insights: These charts also provide historical price trends, helping investors understand market movements over the past 30 days up to a decade.
  • Investment Decisions: By analyzing when each metal hits an all-time high or low, investors can make more informed decisions about when to buy or sell.

Customer Reviews and Company Reputation

The reputation of a precious metals dealer is often reflected in the customer reviews and ratings it receives. Blanchard Gold’s standing in the industry can be gauged through various feedback platforms.

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): Blanchard Gold has a solid rating with the BBB, with reviews highlighting the company’s professionalism and customer service.
  • Mixed Feedback: While there are some criticisms regarding pricing and buyback times, the majority of reviews are positive, emphasizing transparency and reliability.
  • Long-Term Trust: Many clients have expressed over a decade of satisfaction with Blanchard Gold, reinforcing the company’s reputation as a trusted precious metals dealer.


In the intricate world of precious metals investment, Blanchard Gold has established itself as a stalwart, offering a robust selection of products and services tailored to meet the diverse needs of investors. From the novice individual looking to hedge against economic uncertainty to the seasoned collector seeking rare numismatic pieces, Blanchard Gold provides a trusted platform for all.

The company’s storied history, commitment to customer service, and transparent operations have fostered a loyal customer base and a reputation for reliability. While navigating investments in precious metals can be complex, Blanchard Gold’s educational resources, real-time spot price charts, and expert guidance simplify the process, empowering investors to make informed decisions.

As we’ve explored the facets of Blanchard Gold’s offerings, from the ease of the purchasing process to the strategic inclusion of precious metals in retirement planning, it’s clear that the company values both the seasoned investor’s savvy and the beginner’s journey to financial security.

For those considering an investment in precious metals, Blanchard Gold stands out as a company that not only sells gold and silver but also invests in the trust and success of its clients. With a legacy of advocacy for investor rights and a forward-looking embrace of market trends, Blanchard Gold is poised to continue its role as a premier institution in the precious metals industry.

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FAQs Section

An FAQs section is essential for addressing common queries that prospective investors may have. Based on the ‘People Also Ask’ feature from Google for “Blanchard Gold Reviews,” here are some anticipated questions:

  • What is the process for adding precious metals to my IRA?
    • Blanchard Gold simplifies the IRA process, offering guidance on eligible metals and the steps to set up and fund your IRA.
  • How does Blanchard Gold ensure the authenticity of its coins and bullion?
    • All products are certified by reputable grading services, ensuring that clients receive authentic and quality precious metals.
  • Can I sell my precious metals back to Blanchard Gold?
    • Yes, Blanchard Gold provides a buyback service with free valuation to ensure you receive a fair price for your investment.

Through detailed spot price analysis, attentive customer service, and a responsive FAQs section, Blanchard Gold demonstrates its commitment to transparency and client education in the precious metals market. These efforts contribute to the company’s strong reputation and the trust it has built with its clientele over the years.