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Last Updated on December 26, 2023

As inflation continues to climb, numerous individuals are turning to precious metals as a potential safeguard against market fluctuations.

But can a subscription service be an effective way to invest in gold?

Discover more in our examination of Acre Gold…

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What is Acre Gold?

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Acre Gold is a firm that provides a subscription-based service enabling individuals to pay for physical gold bars or bullion in incremental amounts.

This is a speedy and convenient way to begin investing in precious metals without having to engage with untrustworthy third-party dealers or pawn shops.

The company offers its unique service through its partnership with fintech experts who recognize the advantages of gold as an investment strategy.

Acre Gold exclusively deals with gold products, which means that other precious metals such as silver, platinum, or palladium are not available.

The firm has a laser-focused approach, and what it does, it does extremely well. Unlike most gold buyers who need to search the market for dependable vendors, this subscription streamlines the process and sources high-quality gold bullion with impressive purity levels of up to 99.9%.

How Does the Service Work?

Acre Gold operates as a layaway program for purchasing gold bullion. After signing up, users pay a small fee and can begin investing. Subscription payments for precious metals bars differ depending on the weight selected.

Unlike owning gold on paper through the stock market, this service enables users to buy physical gold outright. Once the gold is delivered to their doorstep, it is theirs to keep.

The company’s products comprise of precious metals bars and a captivating 9mm bullet, and it does not offer gold coins. However, for those who are only interested in investing in gold, you can initiate your investment by placing a 2.5, 5, or 10-gram gold bar on layaway until your monthly subscription payments align with the market value of the gold bar.

What Happens When I Reach the Threshold?

Once the subscription payments meet the price of the bullion, the company discreetly delivers the physical gold directly to the user’s doorstep. This is a straightforward process that has been relied on by Acre Gold’s customers since the company’s inception in 2018.

However, users are required to take care of the shipping and fulfillment fees themselves in order to obtain the precious metal.

On social media, the company also notes that there is a “Buy It Now” option for purchasing gold in one go.

How Long Does It Take to Get a Gold Bar?

The timeline for receiving gold from Acre Gold is dependent on the fluctuating price of gold, making it difficult to provide an exact answer. It typically takes about four to six months for each subscription, although this can vary depending on the market.

If the price of gold rises or falls dramatically, the timetable could be affected accordingly. Additionally, if users opt to purchase the Acre Gold 9mm bullet, the company states that it will be delivered within three to five weeks.

What Is the Premium?

Due to the fluctuating value of gold, it’s difficult to determine Acre Gold’s exact premium. It’s advisable to inquire about this at the time of purchase by contacting the company’s customer support.

The cost could vary up or down depending on the current market price of gold throughout the user’s subscription.

The team is always on hand to answer any queries via email, and contacting them through social media is one of the quickest ways to find out the current market conditions for gold.

There are numerous examples of the team explaining the cost of gold on social media.

What Comes with the Service?

Acre Gold offers a wide variety of gold subscription services that cater to different levels of investment interest. Whether you are looking for a starter subscription or something a little heavier, Acre Gold has got you covered.

The company’s starter subscription is the 2.5-gram fine gold bullion, which is perfect for new investors who want to test the waters.

It comes with 2.5 grams of 99.9% gold, a single stamped Acre logo, tamper-evident packaging, and a soft-touch box with a display drawer.

For those who want a little more heft, the 5-gram fine gold bullion is an excellent choice. It offers the same spotless mirror finish as the 2.5-gram bullion, but with a fair middle ground in pricing.

It comes with 5 grams of 99.9% gold, a single stamped Acre logo, tamper-evident packaging, and a soft-touch box with a display drawer.

If you want to invest even more, the 10-gram fine gold bullion is of identical quality to the 2.5- and 5-gram bars. This selection is perfect for someone who likes where the price of gold is and wants to get as much as they can before the market shifts.

It comes with 10 grams of 99.9% gold, a single stamped Acre logo, tamper-evident packaging, and a soft-touch box with a display drawer.

Moreover, Acre Gold offers a unique 9mm bullet, which is made of 33 grams of 99.9% pure 24k gold. This rare specimen is not a real bullet and cannot be fired from any form of firearm. It comes with tamper-evident packaging and a lacquered box with suede lining.

Although there is no subscription for the 9mm bullet, it definitely scores high marks for bragging rights.

Email Progress Reports

The team sends its customers a monthly progress report after each payment, and the first email you receive should include a link to the customer portal.

From there, you will be able to view and edit your account details and see the progress of your account.

The portal is easy to use and makes tracking your progress a breeze.

Customer Service

While the customer support team is exclusively handled over email and social media, they are very active on their Facebook account, which gives prospective customers real-time pricing for its gold bars.

The team is efficient and will answer most inquiries and process refunds with ease.

Is Acre Gold Legit?

Acre Gold is a legit company that provides an accessible way to start investing in gold bullion.

It reports a high level of purity, and its subscription-based model makes the company a real stand-out in the gold investment industry.

With its emphasis on providing an easy path to investing in precious metals, Acre Gold has garnered many positive Google Reviews.

Although not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it has a B- BBB rating, which is still a decent score.

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Acre Gold Pros and Cons

The Acre Gold service offers a convenient and affordable way to invest in gold, with some room for improvement. Let’s explore the pros and cons of the service.


On the positive side, Acre Gold provides an easy and affordable method of purchasing gold over time. Their one-time membership fee of $12 is reasonably priced, and their gold bars are of high quality. Customer service is responsive and easily accessible via email and social media. Additionally, cancelling your subscription is a simple process.


However, there are also some drawbacks to consider. There is a $20 cancellation fee to close an account, and the monthly subscription cost can vary. The service also only offers gold, with no options for silver, platinum, or palladium.

Customer Reviews About Acre Gold

Despite these cons, Acre Gold has received a 4.9 rating on Google Reviews, with over 240 testimonials highlighting the positive experiences of users. The customer service team is often praised for their helpfulness, which is especially beneficial for those new to investing in physical gold.

How Much Does Their Service Cost?

Acre Gold’s pricing is broken up into three models, each with a $12 start-up fee. The 2.5-gram gold bar costs $50 per month, the 5-gram gold bar costs $100 per month, and the 10-gram gold bar costs $250 per month.

Alternatively, there is an option to purchase the 9mm bullet (non-firing bullet) outright for around $4,450.00.

However, the “buy it now” option is not currently available on the website.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of the subscription incurs a $20 fee, but Acre Gold’s refund policy allows for cancelling at any time during the subscription period, with the invested money being returned.

However, there are no refunds for physical gold already delivered, and the company has the discretion to charge extra fees for cancellations due to shipping delays.


Overall, Acre Gold’s pricing is fair, and the initial membership cost is affordable for most individuals. While the service may cost more than some of its competitors, it provides a reliable way to purchase high-quality gold.

Additionally, Acre Gold has established a trustworthy reputation as a reliable provider of quality gold. For those seeking a convenient and trustworthy way to invest in gold, Acre Gold is certainly worth considering.

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